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A healer in every home…..PART 2 of 3

The medical profession doesn’t have a single drug that the blood-brain barrier doesn’t put up a mounted defense against! (It’s a good thing, since drugs are never assimilated, digested, and eliminated by the body as natural plant foods and medicinal extracts are. And they always have side effects. Some side effects we FEEL, some we don’t.)

That’s why my 16 certified coaches are training in MEDICINE CABINET MAKEOVER classes. We had one in Utah a week ago, and 100 people showed up. I LOVE the content of this class, so if you have the opportunity to attend, bring a notebook for a drink from a firehose, by my coaches and my amazing colleague Laura Jacobs.

I find, roughly, that 80 percent of health issues resolve with the whole-foods, plant-based diet I teach. But 20 percent of entrenched health issues remain.

That makes sense since we get ourselves in a world of hurt, if for decades we took antibiotics and other harmful drugs, and ate animals pumped full of steroids and antibiotics, ate gut-damaging genetically modified foods. Not to mention tens of thousands of chemicals we’re exposed to—pesticides, dental practices, water, air, cosmetics. It’s endless. The average baby has 273 chemicals in her umbilical cord at birth.

I’ve found people are frustrated with the monopoly that drugs and surgery has on our health care system.

People are hungry for ways to deal with blood sugar, headache, gastrointestinal distress, depressed metabolism, low libido, mood disorders, heartburn, inflammation, and so many other issues—that do not involve drugs.

Of course, most drugs are just scientists taking a naturally healing plant, and molecularly altering it. (Otherwise there is very little profit. You can patent only chemicals, not natural substances. You can’t make a billion dollars with a non-patented substance. Plus, insurance won’t cover it, if it’s not a drug.)

So, science knows that plants heal. Hardy plants that have “survived as the fittest” have healed us, for thousands of years, across continents and generation. Can you apply a raw aloe vera stalk to a sunburn and deny its power?

There are 188 references in the Bible to essential oils. A single essential oil may have 200 to 800 constituents. The Amazon rainforest alone is host to countless plants that comprise the majority of what modern medicine utilizes for drugs.

My point is, it’s a small, natural, logical step, once you’ve learned the power of a plant-based diet, to move towards using plants as self-directed medicine as well. And essential oils are ten times more powerful than herbs.

My coaches are training to do a free scan for you using the Zyto technology after they teach the Medicine Cabinet Makeover class. Humans are electrical organisms, and like EEG and EKG, the Compass software with the Zyto technology measures the energy meridians and determines where imbalances occur. The four-minute scan determines which essential oils your body needs to address those imbalances.

It’s really cool—last time I scanned, the blend of oils called ELEVATION resolved virtually everything for me. I began diffusing it next to my computer as I work, and I can feel the energetic difference immediately. Another time, my body wanted GINGER essential oil, so I added it to my smoothie for a few days.

The amygdala is part of the brain’s limbic system, and 20 years ago scientists discovered the only way to release emotional trauma stored there is with fragrance, the sense of smell, inhaled substances. Modern science, combined with ancient wisdom and experience, brings us essential oils with phenomenal power. Donna’s melanoma dying and falling out…..Allison healing of brain cancer without any burning or poisoning….it’s just the beginning of what you can learn to empower yourself to be the healer in your home.

Tomorrow I’ll list our coaches, and what city they live in and areas they will cover. You can contact one if you want to help us as an apprentice: you’ll do the scans, and learn to teach Medicine Cabinet Makeover and six other powerful classes to help our readers learn to own their own health.

There’s an exciting way to join our mission and earn an impressive income, with this opportunity. At our classes, which currently average 200, over half are signing up to attend Medicine Cabinet Makeover. As an apprentice, you can also help with VIP classes. That’s for “Green Smoothie Graduates”—learning more easy, inexpensive habits from 12 Steps to Whole Foods to take your health to the next level!

Contact the coach nearest you—she’ll probably come to your town to teach the class!

Watch for Medicine Cabinet Makeover classes, which will always be free, to be ticketed here on, taught by Laura Jacobs and GreenSmoothieGirl coaches.


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