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Colorado, here we come—and help for Aurora shooting and fires victims

As Kristin and I leave for the 10-hour drive to Colorado tomorrow, we are mindful of the terrible tragedy and suffering due to the shooting and the fires. Yesterday my team forwarded me an email about a woman attending my lecture whose daughter was shot in the face but has miraculously survived and has a good prognosis. My prayers are with you, Aurora.

If any of my readers are able to help, give through this organization recommended by the governor of Colorado:

Then write with the amount of your donation, and GSG will match.

We are excited and are loading our road bikes on the back of the GSG-mobile tomorrow, so we can stop and bike in Moab, and on the trails heading into Denver too. We passed them, longingly, on our way to Denver a year ago, and vowed to come with bikes this year.

Tell your friends to get free tickets here to my free lectures in Ft. Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs. A pre-lecture by our Coach Dr. Barbara just adds to the value of the events in Ft. Collins and Denver; we are thrilled to have her.

Thank you, also, to Coach Cathi in Grand Rapids for organizing the GSG-matching donation program we’ll promote to our Colorado readers as well. My next post will be telling you about the coaches I’ve chosen. We are already working with them and several are scheduled to speak around the U.S. following their certification in September.

See you soon, my Colorado friends!

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