Giving away three BlenderBottles!

The new BlenderBottle SportMixer is the coolest reuseable water bottle I’ve seen. It’s important to have a few, so you’re not sending disposable water bottles to the landfill!

It doesn’t close on your nose while you’re drinking. And it mixes up your Ormus Greens in your water with the patented stainless-steel whisk ball. They sent me some to try out, and I love them. They fit in my cup holder in my car AND on my racing bike, and it doesn’t leak in my purse like so many others do. No BPA toxins and they’re dishwasher safe! And you can shake it to re-mix your green smoothie. It’s 28 ounces—nearly a quart of green smoothie for your lunch at work.

It’s also great to put your salad dressing in, from Chapter 3 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods, because that whisk re-blends your oils and vinegars and pours easily!

Be the first three to write us at, and we’ll send you one! Be sure to pick your color, from the photo here, and give us your address. Jenni will tell you if you’re a winner. Ya gotta be quick around here. I give companies whose products I like a chance to get their link on my blog if they apply by filling out a form, and if they send it to me and I like it!

Getting enough water is CRITICAL for optimal health, and for weight loss. Always have your water bottle full and drink lots BETWEEN meals rather than WITH meals (where it dilutes gastric juices and doesn’t do the critical flushing that water does on an empty stomach).

If you showed up late to the party, you can get one for $14.99 here: