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Need an event planner / customer service rep, up to 20 hrs/week

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! We are eating a watermelon a day around here, sometimes two. Not to mention the usual quart for me of green smoothie and 4 pints for the kids. They have to drink it in front of me, the two who are kinda non-compliant. I know, that sounds a little bit controlling, but it’s my weird hangup. I’m chill about so many things, to earn the right to be weird about good nutrition. (If I watch them drink their green smoothies, and their kefir, and their big plate of green salad—none of my kids use salad dressing, weird, right?—then I know they didn’t get dumped down the sink. I wish we ate all three meals together, but with crazy sports schedules, it doesn’t happen.)

We’ve also been making half a gallon of vegetable juice with the Norwalk juicer, too, every couple of days. Only Tennyson and I drink it. He’s my pickiest, but for whatever reason, he’s okay with that. Sometimes I bribe somebody to drink a glass—“yes, Cade, you can drive there with my car if only you drink this first.” Hehe.

Anyway, we’re having a beautiful summer and I hope you are too. I’m riding my bike in the canyon at least twice a week and it makes me so happy, even if I have to dodge near-death experiences with skateboarders and little kids every time, especially near Bridal Veil Falls. I live in such a beautiful place! It’s full of fires lately, though. I played tennis with my team on courts covered with ash last week, and now Alpine is burning.

Amanda is swamped with event planning detail. We need someone to work 15-20 hours a week, from home. It pays $10/hr., to help her, and also work for Sheryl, our new customer support manager. Both she and Amanda were avid GSG readers and 12 Steppers. They are passionate about our mission, rather than “just employees.” We want to draw from our loyal readers for our next hire.

Launching my 17 health coaches means I travel more intensively the next 6 months than I ever have. (I’m also visiting 5 cancer clinics in Europe.) Right now we’re quiet about the coaching program, but we’re ramping up and taking some of them on the road before they begin speaking all over, and teaching VIP classes and more. We have some serious rockstars.

So we need help, because I just threw several more itineraries at Amanda through March 1. We’re all over Michigan, New York State, Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee—and we’ll be in Boston, Toronto, and St. Louis. Our whole Texas itinerary is moving to January. (If you live in those places and want to help us, please write—hugs from me, anyone who helps us find locations and/or volunteers at our classes, we are so thankful!)

If you’re interested in the event planning and customer support job, write Send her a resume, and write a few paragraphs about your availability, your life circumstances and experience, and why you’re a good fit with the GSG mission and this job in particular! We highly value people who communicate well and are unfailingly kind. I tell my employees, “The customer is not always right, and sometimes we say no, but we treat absolutely everyone with respect, even if they aren’t doing the same.” Can you live with that?

I live by a set of values that requires I do the same. I hope you find my blog to be that way.

The ideal candidate is someone home-based (rather than working a FT job already), with event planning experience or at least a detail-oriented and organized personality, who doesn’t mind making phone calls and helping us find places. We need someone who is a quick typist and writer, for writing emails, too. You’ll get to meet our amazing volunteers on the ground everywhere we go; the most phenomenal people show up to help us at every class we do, Anywhere U.S.A.

Hope to hear from you if you’re home-based, positive and polite, with good writing skills and the time to spend up to 20 hours a week being part of an exciting and growing movement to take America back from our evil arch enemy, the S.A.D.!

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