Patty from Puyallup gets Creative on a Cruise!

You know I love creative ideas that help us eat right, even in social settings and on vacation. Gotta share this, sent by Patty in Puyallup, WA!

Once two women came up to me at the carwash and told me that one of them had more money, and the other had more time. So the one with $$ paid for the ingredients, and the one with time made the smoothies. A match made in heaven!

Other readers start green smoothie clubs, or salad clubs, at work—and everybody gets healthier for very little financial or time investment. Everyone brings an ingredient, or everyone takes a day blending, and the whole office benefits. And there’s just one BlendTec or Vitamix to buy.

Well, Patty went on a cruise to Bermuda, reluctantly leaving her blender behind. She told the kitchen staff she wanted a green smoothie and was delighted when the dining room staff accommodated her. There was a little learning curve, Patty reports, but after a couple tries they got the hang of it. The drink server even became a convert and starting making himself green smoothies daily!

Even on vacation, we can enjoy health and energy. Then we enjoy our vacation instead of slipping into a junk-food coma.

Here’s a photo of Patty enjoying her greens, on board the Blu dining room on Celebrity’s ship the Summit. As she puts it, “The word continues to spread!”

Photo of Patty