Cade pitches state finals today

This is my boy Kincade, graduating from high school this month. He’s a delightful kid to have around, loving and funny. He’s also the starting pitcher today at Timpanogos High School, in Game 3 of the state playoffs. He’s 6’3” and throws 90 mph. He’s injury free and healthy as an ox. This is the collage I am printing as a graduation gift to him, highlights from his senior year.

Eighteen years ago, he was below the 5th percentile for weight, and taking multiple drugs including steroids, bronchodilators, and frequent antibiotics. He was in and out of doctors’ offices and emergency rooms because he couldn’t breathe. When we eliminated sugar and dairy, and began eating greens, raw vegetables and fruits as staples, his asthma symptoms decreased quickly and finally disappeared. He gained weight and began to thrive quickly. I will never go back. And I will be forever grateful for this discovery.

Hope and pray with me today that he pitches well in the spectacular $2.5 million Kearns stadium and that the scouts are out so Cade might be offered scholarships. I’m so proud of him. And so thankful that I was able to find the answers to avert a health disaster and allow my son to fulfill the measure of his creation.


A cup of joe…..friend or foe?

I’ve mentioned that I grew up not drinking milk and still never do. So why has my bone density “off the chart” for a 20-year old even though I’m mid-forties? I’ve been tested multiple times now using different tests. I don’t know, but these are my guesses. They’re based on what the literature says about what affects bone density:

  1. I do regular weight bearing exercise (I’m hit or miss with weights, but I do a ton of yoga)
  2. I don’t drink soda
  3. I have strong vitamin D levels (it’s a hormone as much as a vitamin) from both sunshine and supplements / sea vegetables
  4. I get a lot of highly bioavailable calcium from greens (by the way, chia seed has five times more calcium useable by your body, than dairy does)

Here’s another thing I don’t do, though, that may have a major impact:

  1. I don’t drink coffee

Yeah, sorry. The coffee thing really has to go, too.

I am doing a speaking tour in July with Dr. Rashid Buttar, bestselling author of 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away. (I found him in my cancer studies.) Another doc who is horrified by the fact that his profession has degenerated into almost exclusively drug pushers, and refuses to participate.

We’ll be in Raleigh and Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, and Columbia SC. He’s about the most colorful doc I’ve worked with so far (and that’s saying a lot because Dr. Tom Lodi is one-of-a-kind)!

Dr. Buttar says in his book that he’d rather have his patients drink a glass of red wine every few days than a cup of coffee in the morning. (Keep in mind he has never tasted alcohol, himself.)

You want caffeine, he says? Get caffeine pills from the drugstore. (He writes this facetiously, and I repeat it with the same intent. Caffeine is a terrible idea. But the point is, if the vehicle you drink to get your caffeine fix is packed with carcinogens, there’s a more direct and less toxic way to deliver that stimulant to your bloodstream.)

Coffee, he says, contains 208 different acids.

Keep in mind—since we’ve been thinking about alkaline water this week, right?—that your body has to expend a lot of energy and resources to neutralize acids. It takes 20 pounds of alkaline to neutralize 1 pound of acid, according to the reigning expert on pH balance in health and nutrition, Dr. Robert O. Young.

And, Dr. Buttar points out, when you shift your body towards acidic—and coffee likely deserves to make a Top Ten list for Most Acidic Foods—you predispose yourself to all the diseases everyone dreads. Because acidic environments are the perfect disease climates.

Osteoporosis. Cancer. Arthritis. Degenerative nerve diseases. Heart disease.

Arthritis for regular coffee drinkers is pretty much inevitable—but earlier rather than later.

So coffee drinkers are wondering, what do I replace coffee with? There is a brewed dark chocolate drink you can make, that is out in health food stores now. It’s called Crio Bru. Anybody else have ideas? I’m kinda useless here because except for an occasional raw kombucha, I don’t really drink anything besides water.

(Kristin has recently committed to her brother to quit Diet Pepsi once and for all, and she shared with one of you last week here in blog comments, that she’s created the “party in her mouth” with naturally sweetened green tea, and chia added. That’s been working for her.

Don’t give up if the first substitute you try doesn’t do it for ya. Something will. Don’t quit till you’ve kicked the demon to the curb for good.

Team Mom Amy buys ONE raffle ticket….and gets the coolest thing!

Young mom Amy’s friends bailed on her to come to my Sacramento lecture, she had no money for raffle tickets, she missed her son’s game, and drove an hour….to get only a back-row seat in a crowded room of 300.

And was SHOCKED when she won a $435 game-changer that I think will make her family’s health and life better! I love my BlendTec and use it several times a day—hope you treat yours like the treasure it is, too.

It’s so fun when someone is as excited as Amy is… gotta meet her in this video. Those who were there were thrilled she won it. Don’t you love people who embrace abundance and whatever is meant to be? That’s my girl Amy.

LOL, I cried watching this again, to post it today. Enjoy!


Congrats to my giveaway winners!

Congrats to Joanna Busza in Weston, MA; Katie Jacobsen in Orem, UT; and Alisha Regis in Farmington, UT. They won $30 of free Cocoa Mojo and Coconut Milk Powder to make the Chocolate Chia Pudding, or yummy “coconut macaroon” hot cocoa. Delish. Enjoy, girls! The Cocoa Mojo has medicinal mushrooms in it—so good for you—but you won’t even know.

And congrats to Kelly Small of Springville, UT; Kathy Taylor of Rigby, ID; Darlene Unger of Canada. These three won a 32 oz. jar of organic coconut oil from my favorite source, Mountain Rose Herbs.

We’re gonna be doing more giveaways coming up. Some of you have a really cool product that you’ve tried to get me to promote or sell (I say no 99% of the time because my standards are really high), but I’ll say YES if you have a GREAT product I approve of AND you’ll give three of them away to my readers and ship them. Write us at

GSG readers, be quick to read the blog so you can win more stuff!

Here are tips:  I virtually always blog Sun., Mon., Weds., Fri. I don’t blog Saturdays. Sometimes I do on Tues. and Thurs. I usually post in the morning before I leave for the gym, like before 8 a.m. MST. But not always. But almost always before 11 a.m.

(That wasn’t very helpful, was it? Muahahaha. Gotta keep you on your toes.)

Annette finds green smoothie ingredients for free

Check out this letter Kristin got from GSG reader Annette, who just installed a window sticker on her car and sent us these hilarious photos. We’ve gotten green-smoothie mustache photos of dogs, horses, and bunnies—but the guinea pig, that’s new! We love getting this stuff, so please tell us about your family and the COOL, or HARD, or CRAZY, stuff that happened in your shift to a whole-foods lifestyle.

It’s a journey, not a destination, and we’re all just at different points on the really awesome path! (Oh, and we have SEVEN car stickers left, so write if you love this mission enough to want one in your back window! We have had such exciting stories come in from people who radically changed their life for the better after just seeing the site name in our car window….and going there to begin an adventure towards a better life.)

Dear Kristin:

My sticker arrived today! Yay!  I was hootin’ and hollerin’!  My three girls had to tell me to quit.   Now to convince my fire-truck, mechanic, hotness of a husband that I REALLY need that sticker on the back window—for Mother’s Day! Thank you so much! I had no idea it was so big, but I love the idea because now I don’t have to have people inching up to my bumper in traffic to read the amazing news Robyn has to share with them.

I feel intimidated to share Robyn in such a dynamic way, because she is such an amazing woman, but thrilled that I get to.  One thing is I will no longer hide in the closet as the green smoothie totin’ junkie.  The whole world will know now!

Thanks for all you do to support Robyn in sharing with the world!  My girls are convinced even more, that green smoothies are the way of getting super-power nutrition to their cells in a skinny, super-power moment.  My youngest, just wrote on her lid of her quart jar, to mark her territory, “Green Smoothie Girl is awesome!”  As a matter of fact, right now, they are feeding some of their green smoothies to our guinea pigs.  Ha!  Not too much, mind you.

One really fun thing for us is to go the Farmer’s Market and visit our favorite stand.  One FULL of greens.  They cut off all the amazing greens of beets, turnips and carrots.  We forage for bags of free greens.  I feel guilty not taking it all and mourn over the greens that people are having cut off and tossed on the ground.  Ha!  I’m a true green smoothie junkie. Of course, the greens season is winding down here in Cali and I will have to figure out a different way to grow my own greens in the hot temps, but for now we’re rockin’ in green-land.

When I do buy beets with tops, the farmer always asks if I want them cut off and we have a good laugh, because he knows I’m the only customer that treasures the greens more than the root veggie.  I often have the opportunity to share with other buyers standing there waiting to have their greens cut off.  “Don’t murder the greens!”

—Annette T. in Cali

Be the change!

After our lecture in Mesa Saturday night, where 350 GSG readers showed up, Kristina W. waited in line almost two hours. She said, “Do you remember me?”

For just a year or two, she lived up the street and around the corner. A few years ago, she asked my daughter Emma to babysit after school so she could complete an extended project.  Emma was the original avatar for this site, see her photo here, at age 12. You’ll remember her, if you’ve been here that long. Can you believe I put GSG up almost five years ago?









Now the original GreenSmoothieGirl is 16 and I’ve included her prom photo, with boyfriend Dustin, from just a few weeks ago. (Isn’t she lovely?)

Emma would show up at Kristina’s house to babysit with a baggie of vegetables and whole-grain crackers, or a pint of green smoothie. Kristina asked her what it was, and Emma explained. Someone else in the neighborhood pointed Kristina to

She’s now an avid 12 Stepper and says she does everything but garden, since soil amending in Arizona is very difficult and her young family is finishing dental school and moving to another state soon.

Kristina told me, “Emma is the reason I stopped buying processed foods for my kids, and started cutting up veggies and making green drinks. I was completely inspired, seeing the food she brought to my house.”

The Power of One. A twelve-year old’s example can change many. How many more can you change for good?

Kristina told me, “You have no idea how many people I’ve sent to your class, even though this is the first time I’ve had the chance to attend.”

Kristina’s a mother of four living in a different state now, but her family is transformed by the simple example of a twelve-year old. Now Kristina is a person who openly talks to others about what’s on her mind, and she influences many.

I told Emma about this and she lit up.  My daughter is a natural-born, passionate change agent and loves teaching people about how eating plants saves animals from cruelty. She loves animals, little children, and the people of South America. She wants to be a professional humanitarian one day.

Be the change! Your words and example can and do make a dramatic difference.