Team Mom Amy buys ONE raffle ticket….and gets the coolest thing!

Young mom Amy’s friends bailed on her to come to my Sacramento lecture, she had no money for raffle tickets, she missed her son’s game, and drove an hour….to get only a back-row seat in a crowded room of 300.

And was SHOCKED when she won a $435 game-changer that I think will make her family’s health and life better! I love my BlendTec and use it several times a day—hope you treat yours like the treasure it is, too.

It’s so fun when someone is as excited as Amy is… gotta meet her in this video. Those who were there were thrilled she won it. Don’t you love people who embrace abundance and whatever is meant to be? That’s my girl Amy.

LOL, I cried watching this again, to post it today. Enjoy!