Should I shut the heck up about all things not green smoothie?…..part 5 of 7

I started using a Sonic toothbrush a few years ago. It’s incredible! I had quite a few cavities as a kid, but I haven’t had any, since using the Sonic. It vibrates the plaque off your teeth. My gums were receding from my scrubbing my teeth too hard, and with the Sonic, I have stopped eroding my gums. Moreover, my dentist tells me when I go in for cleanings every six months, “There’s no plaque on your teeth—there’s nothing to clean here.”

You can get a Sonic toothbrush at Costco or any store. It’s not cheap, $50 for the electrical unit or something like that? But so worth it. I bought one for each of my kids a few years ago for Christmas.

One dentist reader, Dr. L, had written me last year asking why I talk about fluoride being a poison and a byproduct of a number of industrial processes. That was news to him. After studying the issue, and following my recent blog series on toxic dental practices, he wrote me a lengthy report, which I read.

Dr. L wrote me an email saying one of my readers came to him about increased dental decay. His own dentist had told him green smoothies were causing it. LOL!

(And so he should eat, what? More Junior Mints instead of kale and berries? Wait, how about hormone-soaked animal flesh? Dr. L discovered the man had stopped using fluoride. Of course I stopped using fluoride many years ago too…..and QUIT getting cavities. Could be my Sonic toothbrush though!)

Dr. L’s defense centers on fluoride treatment being just a little extra of a necessary minerals. Kind of like table salt—it’s fine, in moderation, is his reasoning.

Actually, refined table salt is far more toxic than sugar—I need to talk about that more. The Gerson therapy has cured thousands of patients of cancer for 80 years, with lots of raw vegetable juices and completely, vigorously eliminating all sodium from the diet. This pushes sodium out of cells, and potassium into the cells, which allows the body to metabolize cancerous cells.

Just because lots of people are eating refined salt doesn’t mean it’s fine in moderation. I have quite a few people testing the diet / recipes / shopping lists in the Detox Manual I’ve been working on for 8 months.

Every single one of us has lost 2-5 lbs. in the first day or two, and 5 lbs or more in the first 5 days. That’s partly because the diet is completely sodium free. (It’s also high bulk, so you don’t have to be hungry at all, and low calorie.) When you give your body a break from eating sodium chloride (NaCl, table salt), you body sheds water. It’s not that your body is dehydrating and you will just drink that water back—it’s that your inflamed cells are releasing fluids and waste products trapped there. And those cells can then heal and rebuild!

Dr. L implies that what is in your water supply is just the natural fluoride that occurs in a mountain spring in trace amounts. But no, it’s a chemical synthetic, a compound with sodium bound to another element, and it’s added in far greater amounts than anyone would encounter in spring water. That’s why Dr. Ulm, Dr. Wall, and many others have fluoride-free practices. More than 90 percent of U.S. fluoridating communities now use inexpensive silicofluorides, because it’s cheap—a compound never tested by the FDA but which was recently shown to elevate lead levels in children.

I was told by Dr. L, at the end of his email, that he wishes I would stick to talking ONLY about whole foods, in my blog. The implication, to me, was: “Don’t trouble yourself with this; you don’t know what you’re talking about. Just trust us, the experts.”

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about how I feel about that.

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