More on mercury amalgam and other dentistry controversies…dentists weighing in….part 1 of 7

I need to revisit the dental issues, as we’ve had a ton of email about it.

What to do instead of a root canal, you’re asking? It’s a very good question that I have, too. I interviewed Dr. Ulm’s office in Lindon, whom I will talk about in a minute. They told me Dr. Judson Walls in Bountiful (Utah) is a phenomenal holistic dentist. A couple of you had sent his name or mentioned it here on the blog, too.

I called Dr. Walls’ office, and it turns out his staff are GSG readers who’ve read my books—and his home page says you’ll be served a green smoothie in his office! I LIKE HIM ALREADY! After our chat, I promised to visit their new office when they move, soon.

There in his practice, also, is Marietta Bergdorf, NMD, funny, because I just recommended her today to a Stage III lung cancer patient who sought me out at the gym two days ago and asked for my help. I invited her to my house to use my infrared sauna, where she was in tears today because of pressure from the oncologist and his staff—and her husband and children—to get a needle pumping poison in her vein TOMORROW. The oncologist, as I predicted to her that he would, scoffed at the idea that her diet has anything to do with the cancer, or its reversal. She questioned him about the drug he wanted to prescribe, which has been used since 1974. She said, with he and his nurse and everyone in the room looking at her sternly, “I felt so small.” I reassured her that she is not small, that this is HER life and her choice, that she has time to research before submitting to a therapy from which you can never go back, and that her questions are good ones.

Dr. Bergdorf helped cure Parker Jensen’s grandfather of Stage IV colon cancer, and she helped my mother get the LDS Church to approve thermography instead of mammography for her to be able to go on a mission.

Ah, back to holistic dentistry. Dr. Walls will not do root canals. That is courageous. Instead, they extract an abcessed tooth and wait six months until it heals. Then, your options are a bridge, partial denture, or zirconium implant. His staff said he is an “artist” and makes these options look beautiful and natural.

A traditional endodontist believes teeth must be saved at virtually any cost and considers himself a professional failure if he extracts.

What if extraction is NOT the worst option? What if the most toxic pleomorphic organisms on the planet, according to some experts and much research, is the very worst option? The kind that evolve when a dead tooth is mummified on top of miles of tubules full of decay and bacteria that become deadly when deprived of oxygen?

Every holistic dental text I have consulted praise the work of Weston Price, whose research was apparently thorough and methodical, with very high standards. Every time he took a diseased tooth and implanted it under the skin of a rabbit, that rabbit developed the same diseases the owner of the tooth. The evidence that trapping a dead, infected tooth in the mouth forever is incontrovertible, that it’s highly disease-causing.

Dr. Robert Kulacz, DDS, says this in his book co-authored with Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D., called The Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry and Medicine:

“After a total immersion into both the remote and current research on dental products and procedures, I discovered that my beliefs about many of the currently accepted views on the safety of some dental materials and….procedures, such as the root canal procedures, were wrong. The link between dentistry and systemic health was real and absolutely undeniable. Furthermore, much of the most pertinent information I discovered has been known for a long time and seemed to me to have been covered up. I became angry about being misled in my education and I immediately changed the focus of my practice—and totally regained my health.”

Dr. Kulacz had been experiencing mercury vapor toxicity signs for a while before studying the issues, and he didn’t know what he would later learn, that the U.S. EPA stated in its 1997 report to Congress that the highest body burden of inorganic mercury comes from amalgam fillings. The average American with eight surface amalgam fillings is over 35 times above the U.S. Public Health MRL (minimal risk level) for chronic mercury vapor exposure!

If you search on the internet, you can find ADA-apologist dentists claiming that mercury fillings are safe and that eating a can of tuna gives you far more exposure! Infuriating and ridiculous. Your mercury fillings are constantly offgassing, every single day. The tuna isn’t.

Why would the A.D.A. allow this? Drs. Kulacz and Levy say, “The ADA has backed itself into a corner by continuously declaring amalgam completely safe. Even now, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, this amazing assertion continues to be ADA’s official stance. To admit now that the use of amalgam should be discontinued or even that it might be harmful would undoubtedly invite a barrage of lawsuits. Furthermore, if amalgam was banned, the insurance industry would be hit with a major increase in claims, as the alternative fillings are most costly and people would demand that their amalgam be replaced. It would cost…$250-300 billion to replace all the amalgam fillings…in the teeth of the American public. It would cost an additional $12-15 billion a year to use alternative non-mercury fillings from this day forward.”

Mercury amalgam is not officially approved by the FDA. Federal law requires that any material implanted in the body for 30 days must undergo extensive evaluation for safety. The FDA didn’t put amalgam in this category because dentists manufacture it in their offices so by their reasoning, it doesn’t need to meet safety criteria. This goofy reasoning has led to no safety studies conducted on amalgam.

Just because amalgam has been used in dentistry for a long time does not mean it’s safe. For many years, “experts” told us asbestos, DDT, dioxin, and Agent Orange were safe, too.

One dentist wrote that people should not remove intact fillings. I am not here to advise all my readers to run to a dentist to get their metal fillings drilled out and replaced.  I have, and I know many people educated on this subject who have. I know several traditional (not holistic) dentists who will not put amalgam in their children’s mouths.

I do not believe that only cracked/damaged fillings are dangerous. Both holistic dentists whose offices I called this week state that even intact mercury fillings are not completely bound in the materials and are significantly off-gassing.

What I have written here should simply give you a starting place to do your own investigation. If you ARE going to have your amalgam fillings replaced, I now feel that it’s important to go to a biological dentist with the high-suction vacuum, extra training in mercury removal, latex dams, etc.