The Feldman Kids Write Me about Green Smoothie Love

A letter I got recently that I love and thought you’d enjoy:

Hello, we are the Feldmann kids!

Mom started making green smoothies in Winter of 2009. We all thought she was crazy. Zane drank the heck out of them. Ashley (the oldest) enjoyed them as long as Mom made them.

The two girls, Faith and Hannah, took a while to realize Mom was not giving up, and we now help with making them.

We have to include Dad, even though he is not pictured and not part of this. There is not one vegetable he will eat. But he enjoys the green smoothies and wants one daily! We’re proud of him.

We are also proud to say that we have not missed school for any illnesses this year. We believe that Green Smoothies played a huge role in this!

Here’s to green smoothies and Mom. Thanks for caring so much about us and our health.

Faith, Hannah & Zane Feldmann, age 10

and Big Sister Ashley Age 21