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Announcing the GreenSmoothieGirl Health Coach Certification program!

I am going to certify 12 GreenSmoothieGirl Health Coaches in September, 2012. We’re very excited.

Often I talk to readers who have a new IIN diploma, or who are self-educated, and want suggestions for ways they can make a career or part-time job helping people with their health knowledge. We have an opportunity for you.

I am looking to duplicate myself and expand our ability to help people on the web and at 50 appearances nationwide annually. People line up and talk to me for 90 minutes after every class I teach about their debilitating health problems.

Eighty percent can reverse their issues and stay healthy with whole plant foods, mostly raw, and some basic lifestyle changes. But twenty percent are so entrenched in difficult symptoms related to degenerative gut issues and energy syndromes, from a lifetime of poor choices, they need one-on-one help in addition to lifestyle changes. And they may need targeted solutions.

I have been frustrated with my limitations for a long time. I can’t coach people one-on-one, and, I can’t speak everywhere. HERE is the application to be one of my right-hand coaches, with ongoing access to support from me and Laura Jacobs, and at least 6 different revenue opportunities from teaching and coaching.

You can teach the basic green smoothie lecture (which I do in 50 cities annually). You can teach 12 Steps to Whole Foods demos/classes. You can coach people individually or in small groups. You can do green smoothie home parties. And there’s more—we’ll lay it all out for you at the GSG Health Coach training.

What am I looking for? An enthusiastic health crusader who is articulate and unafraid to speak in front of a group. Someone healthy, both physically and emotionally. Someone with a good story, about learning how to govern your own health and implement good nutrition changed your life. I will likely choose only one from any given major metro area. Applicants able to travel with me occasionally will be given preference, because I have an opportunity for you there, too, at the classes I teach. (This is not required, however.)

What do you get from me? You’ll fly out here to spend an intensive four days in training. You’ll watch and help at a live event that I do locally, we’ll train in public speaking, we’ll learn about everything that I do and have learned in working with people.

You’ll also learn from my good friend, the highly experienced Laura Jacobs, who has coached 15,000 clients in kinesiology, iridology, herbology, and more. She will train you in the Zyto technology. You’ll leave able to use this testing modality on your laptop to identify your clients’ areas of weakness and products that will help them regain balance.

You will have a number of opportunities to earn an impressive income helping people achieve wellness. You will have our support and access to me to ask questions and the opportunity to participate in any future trainings/retreats. You will have the opportunity to work with Laura Jacobs on a Level 2, 3, or 4 in the future, in being able to use technology and products to help people regain and maintain optimal health.

Once you are certified, we plan to work with you and promote your events on the site. Those who show themselves to be good speakers, we will work with to organize and publicize events for you.

We will have GSG readers who want a health coach able to sign up for your services on the site.

You can do this if you’re a stay-home mom and want to work part time. We also highly value retirees, and anyone with a passion for nutrition, health, and helping people! You can set your own hours, work from home, choose the opportunities within the whole structure that you want to do.

It’s an exciting opportunity, and I am looking forward to working with our first coaches! The application is HERE that gives the cost, opportunity, and other details. I hope you’re with us in September!

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