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We have to pH balance. You know that. Your blood is doing it constantly. The problem is we have far more acidifying elements in our world than we ever did before—primarily in the form of chemicals (over 80,000 of them used in the environment) and in our toxic food supply of processed, even genetically modified foods. Thus the need to eat alkaline-forming foods and eliminate the highly acidic (soda is the WORST, and the next culprits are meat, dairy, coffee, and sugar).

In addition to an arsenal of good nutrition practices, I do have a secret weapon. It’s that I drink alkaline water every day. That by itself can do as much or more to reverse acididosis that is burning out and aging your tissues and organs every day…..than eating a 100% raw vegan diet can. (Both are important. The raw plant foods have more power than just alkalinity of course!)

Please get on one of these calls with me as we kick off our two-week annual group buy. I’m talking with Adam Marshall to learn about alkaline water, how you can get one installed under your sink (alkaline water does not stay that way for many hours according to my testing—so toting it home from the health food store or your friend’s house usually is not very effective). You’ll learn how you can pay wholesale price for it. We answer questions at the end.

Tomorrow, Monday April 16, get on at 6 p.m. Pacific Time, register HERE.

Tuesday night, April 17, 6 p.m. Pacific Time, register HERE.

And the last chance, Weds. night April 18, 6 p.m. Pacific Time, register now HERE.

In advance, if you’d like to read my mini-reports on alkaline water and why it’s such a big deal in an unnatural world, click HERE.

I’ve had my ionizer four years. It’s going strong and I consider it one of my most important daily health resources. I know it’s not inexpensive, even at $1,000 off retail on each unit—and several thousand dollars less than the most well known network-marketed machine (which does not install under your sink—sits on the countertop). But every year we have readers who are saving up to get one and I’m always excited when Life Ionizer gives us this 2-week opportunity. It’s over at the end of the month.

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