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Type 1 diabetes: is it a life sentence? Part 2 of 2

As I have mentioned, I get hate mail when I talk about diabetes using words like “reversal.” Traditional endocrinologists have convinced Type 1 diabetics that there is absolutely nothing you can do if given that diagnosis. (I doubt they have ever tried to heal the pancreas.)

However, Logan’s father, in the blog entry I pointed to yesterday, says that in WEEK 2 on the raw, plant-based diet, “a blood test…showed Logan’s insulin production was in the normal range. His pancreas was healing. Yes, it can do that.”

If you’re interested in learning more about what happens for diabetics when they eat a raw, plant-based diet, you must review the work of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. at Tree of Life in Arizona. He did a documentary of 30 diabetics eating raw called SIMPLY RAW: REVERSING DIABETES IN 30 DAYS. Here is a 10-minute synopsis of the film, which features the comments of some of my friends and heroes, David Wolfe, Fred Bisci, Joel Fuhrman, M.D., and others.

By the way, Dr. Cousens will turn 70 this year. Take a look at him in this video and see what a raw, living, organic diet does for a person. He is still in his PRIME.

Raw, living plant food is naturally very low glycemic. Dr. Cousens said the pancreas of 88% of Type 1 diabetics are still producing insulin, but the auto-immune condition is attacking the pancreas. Another thing that green, live foods apparently do is protect the pancreas from further immunological attack. Dr. Cousens says that the body can create cells in the Islets of Langerhans—and this, in fact, reverses Type 1 diabetes if you can create more cells than the body is destroying in the cycle of the auto-immune disease.

The average American eats 150 POUNDS OF SUGAR A YEAR. If toxic refined-sugar consumption has put us into the diabetic coma we are collectively in, why do people get so fired up about the idea that getting off refined foods might play a role in getting us OUT?

Why do two-year olds get Type 1 diabetes? I don’t know, but my theory is that as we damage our DNA, then pass it on, for four generations now on a processed, high animal-protein diet, we have younger and younger children with bigger and bigger degenerative disease.

See my short video interview with Dr. Kirt Tyson, a type 1 diabetic who no longer needs insulin (except on a rare occasion he gets a virus), HERE.  (He was one of the diabetics who went through the SIMPLY RAW program.)

Do not reduce or discontinue your insulin if you are not under the competent care of a (preferably holistic) physician.

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