Green Smoothies taking Utah Legislature by storm?

On March 5, by invitation, I spoke to the spouses of the Utah State Legislature. Some of them are longtime GSG readers.  Stan Lockhart, whose wife Becky is the Speaker of the House, is the biggest ham we’ve ever had, racing me to eat a plate of greens before I can make a blenderful of green smoothie for everyone. He’s a delightful person and I’m very excited if green smoothies are now being served in the home of our Speaker of the House. Check out the video Kristin made—Stan bares green teeth and all! (Then read the VIP’s who attended, at the bottom of today’s blog.)

We had lots of fun and I was frankly a little starstruck meeting women who have great influence for good. Thank you for inviting me! I hope together we use it to put some solid habits in place to improve the health of my home state!

These are some of the spouses I met:

Stan Lockhart, former State Republican Party Chairman, husband to Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart (one of my heroes)

Susie Bramble, wife to former majority leader Senator Curt Bramble

Sue Stephensen, wife to Senator Jerry Stephenson

Karen Valentine, wife to past Senate President John Valentine

Lisa Sumsion, wife to Rep Kenneth Sumsion, running for governor

Anna Kaye Waddoups, wife to Michael Waddoups, Senate President

Alice Hillyard, wife to Senator Hillyard, Chairman of Appropriations Cte

Janice Van Tassel, wife to Senator Kevin Van Tassel

Cindy Okerlund, wife to Senator Ralph Okerlund

Julie Kiser, wife to Rep Todd Kiser

Gloria Froere, wife to Rep Gage Froere

Kim Powell, wife to Rep Craig Powell


Expo West 2012…..learning about Genetically Modified Organisms in our food

I met Grant Lundberg, principal and third generation in the Lundberg Family Farms Company. I sought him out and asked for an interview because he’s a leader in organizing against, and speaking out about, genetic engineering in our food supply.

Virtually all other first-world countries are way ahead of us, in protecting their populace. I know folks from Europe who come here and can no longer eat bread because it makes them ill (we have heavily hybridized wheat). I’ve also known “gluten intolerant” Americans who go to Europe and have to problem with breads there. Damaging most Americans’ gut lining is just one of the many problems resulting from the fact that we’ve abandoned common sense and allowed well over 85% of our corn and soybeans to be genetically engineered. (Corn and soybean products are in virtually all our prepared foods.)

Wheat has been hybridized for many generations as well, different than genetic engineering but problematic as well. Monsanto and other biotech firms have designs to genetically modify many other U.S. crops. When we alter genes for pest resistance or other reasons, potentially hundreds of other species and conditions are affected. We cannot know or control the havoc that ensues when genes are modified.

Please watch this video, and get involved, in the ways Grant and I discuss. I’d like to know other ways you may be making your voice heard on this subject! As Grant says, food doesn’t belong to the biotech firms—it’s an issue that affects us all, so we must all OWN IT.

Expo West 2012! It’s bedlam.

Expo West in Anaheim is one of the ten biggest trade shows in the world, of any kind, and the biggest “natural products” expo in the world. I’m blogging this week about my adventures there. We always go with SunWarrior to Au Lac, Chef Ito’s raw vegan restaurant. All the same people are there every year. Fabulous food, I highly recommend it!

This year we went to a Ziggy Marley concert and danced!  When we got in, we had to race from LAX to a class I taught to 200 in Buena Park the night before, and we forgot to account for the traffic. Oh my. Health Mate Sauna was at the show, who arranges our group buy, letting everyone try out the sauna—fun!

I caught a cold the night before, and between walking the show all day and staying up late, you can see the puffy circles under my eyes! (By the way, getting a cold once or twice a year is a good cleansing mechanism and not at all bad for you. Clear mucous is cleansing. The problem is when it gets stagnant and is thick, and yellow or green. That’s the sign of an acidic condition. I felt fine two days later, and came home to go back to early-morning boot camp, tennis with my team, and then an afternoon of skiing in 62-degree sunshine—all in the same day.)

I’m recovering from the fun in Cali, for 2 days. I’m about to hop  a plane to speak in Maui and Honolulu sponsored by the very active Vegetarian Society there. I’ve never been to Hawaii and am very excited.  My friend Ben is coming along, and we’re meeting GSG reader Debbie, who spends a lot of time in Hawaii and has wanted Down to Earth and the Veg Society to host me for about a year now, just finally worked it out.

Meantime, ah, the characters at Expo West, and what some people will do to sell their product! Get a sense of it yourself here. Kristin really outdid herself stalking them all with her camera. Enjoy!