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Let me help your kids with an incentive to drink their green smoothies!

Desiree Ward is catering our VIP class on April 7. We are very excited to explore 5 power nutrition habits, to help you get off your green-smoothie plateau and climb to new heights! We have very few tickets left; get them HERE.

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On to today’s subject—I have an idea to help you get your kids to beg you for green smoothies!

Recently a work associate of mine, Jared, sent his wife and 9-year old daughter, Kennedy, to my lecture in Salem. He immediately wrote me and said, I’m on a business trip, but Kennedy called me to tell me she was very excited and had made her first green smoothie.

I told him to give Kennedy a challenge: if she drinks a green smoothie every day for 2 months, and then writes me an email about her experience, and sends a photo of herself with a green-smoothie mustache, I’ll talk about how AWESOME she is on facebook (23,000 people on my two pages), send a newsletter about it (80,000+ people) and put it on the blog (10,000 people daily and many more over time).

We’ll make her famous. (Famous for a 9-year old, anyway.)

Do you need something to incentivize your child to drink green smoothies? I make the same offer to you! Have your child drink them every day for a month and write us—we’ll immortalize him or her! (Plus, I just love to hear from kids! We get the cutest letters sometimes.) It’s not a contest—we’ll feature EVERY child who wants to do this; just have them write

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