Expo West 2012…..learning about Genetically Modified Organisms in our food

I met Grant Lundberg, principal and third generation in the Lundberg Family Farms Company. I sought him out and asked for an interview because he’s a leader in organizing against, and speaking out about, genetic engineering in our food supply.

Virtually all other first-world countries are way ahead of us, in protecting their populace. I know folks from Europe who come here and can no longer eat bread because it makes them ill (we have heavily hybridized wheat). I’ve also known “gluten intolerant” Americans who go to Europe and have to problem with breads there. Damaging most Americans’ gut lining is just one of the many problems resulting from the fact that we’ve abandoned common sense and allowed well over 85% of our corn and soybeans to be genetically engineered. (Corn and soybean products are in virtually all our prepared foods.)

Wheat has been hybridized for many generations as well, different than genetic engineering but problematic as well. Monsanto and other biotech firms have designs to genetically modify many other U.S. crops. When we alter genes for pest resistance or other reasons, potentially hundreds of other species and conditions are affected. We cannot know or control the havoc that ensues when genes are modified.

Please watch this video, and get involved, in the ways Grant and I discuss. I’d like to know other ways you may be making your voice heard on this subject! As Grant says, food doesn’t belong to the biotech firms—it’s an issue that affects us all, so we must all OWN IT.