Sign this petition against Monsanto

I would like to get behind any movement against the actions of monolith Monsanto. I believe the actions of this company, whose agenda is insidious, is damaging the health of virtually every American. It controls seeds, harms small farmers, genetically modifies our crops and breeds pesticides into seeds and sterilizes them, and repeatedly hybridizes crops….all to our detriment.

Please sign this petition against Monsanto. Small farmers just lost against the powerful giant company. We need to be like Europe and ban Monsanto’s practices. I have known people with severe gluten reactions who go to Europe, where they do not indulge GMO food, and they have no problems. I’ve also known Europeans who do fine eating even white bread in their country, who come here and suffer with terrible gastric disturbances eating our food, until they go home.

Also I’ve been asked for the link to the photoshopped image of me eating a burger and fries and a mug of beer. Check it out HERE. Lots of people post on the GSG facebook page, so scroll down to Mar. 2.