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What would you do if your child got cancer? part 1 of 3

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: What would you do if one of your kids got cancer? I have read in the news where they have tried to get alternatives treatments for their kids and they were put in jail because of it. Right now, our only plan is to take them straight to Mexico to get the same treatments our family has gotten  treatment, before anyone knows we are gone, and have him come back healthy. Do you have any other ideas to avoid jail time?

Answer: I have known a number of people who have spent years defending themselves, after they came to the attention of social workers and doctors because they refused to follow a drug-treatment protocol.

Each of those I have known are intelligent, educated people whose children were healthy and well cared for, and they went with their own intuition and research, against a doctor’s “advice.” (It’s not really advice, and you’ll understand why at the end of this blog series.)

Many people reading this probably think this is a ridiculous proposition to worry about. The government does not persecute good parents. Only the kind who chain their children to cinder blocks in the basement. Right?

Unfortunately as I researched this nearly a decade ago, I found MANY families, good ones, attacked by their state governments if they wanted to try something different than the Big 3 (cutting, burning, poisoning) for their child diagnosed with cancer. Or if they questioned the diagnosis.

Some of them have made international news like Daniel Hauser, Parker Jensen, Abraham Cherrix, and Katie Wernecke. All of them wanted to refuse chemotherapy—not for religious reasons but because they feel it doesn’t work or would kill them.

The parents were charged in all four cases with “medical neglect” for objecting.

When a doctor complains to Dept. of Family Services that a parent won’t do what he says, multiple government agencies converge and rubber-stamp each other’s decisions. These include Dept of Family Services, Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney General, and the D.A. They are supposed to be checks and balances, but my observation with all the cases I have studied is that they simply move legal processes forward, against families, together. Once a family is accused, there is a formidable machine against them. The state has tremendous resources, and a family can be very overwhelmed fighting for their child’s best interests.

Combined, the government has all kinds of rights and can take your child without just cause or due process. They have done so, in all 50 states. If this happens to you, you have fewer rights than an accused murderer.

Tomorrow let me tell you the astonishing story of Parker Jensen.

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