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FAR Infrared Sauna Webinars THIS WEEK!

Hello!  This is Kristin,  Robyn’s site director, blogging for Robyn while she is en route to Hippocrates Health Institute today!   I’m just sneaking in to remind you that if you missed the first sauna webinar broadcast last night, we will be hosting it again tonight and tomorrow at 7 PM MST.

Read Robyn’s extensive research on the health benefits of infrared sauna HERE.

Tune in tonight or tomorrow for the webinar and find out how you can get WHOLESALE pricing on a sauna and save yourself nearly $1,000.00, for the next two weeks only!  You will also get free shipping (continental U.S.),  healing L.E.D. lights, an aromatherapy cup, and a cedar towel rack.

You can hear a replay of last night’s webinar   HERE.

Or listen in tonight, Tuesday February 14, at 7 PM MST   HERE.

Or listen in tomorrow, Wednesday February 15 at 7 pm MST   HERE.

These links will be running replays for the next two weeks while we are running this amazing deal!  So if you can’t tune in LIVE, then listen any time it’s convenient for you!

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