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Video: Treatment modalities at Oasis of Hope, part 2 of 4

Ozone therapy. This is the same minor or major autohemo therapy I told you Dr. Lodi does in AZ even though it is not yet FDA approved. (His staff injected it into my backside, though. OW. It’s on video. I just haven’t shared it with you.) In Mexico, they removed a bag of my blood, shook oxygen into it, and passed it through a tube under a UV light as it went back into my arm.

Check out the video here:

When ozone, or O3 (one more molecule compared to O2 known as oxygen), is added to blood, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is produced. Several exciting things happen that help healthy tissues and hurt diseased tissues. First, oxygen is increased in the tissues, especially in tumor tissues where there is little or no oxygen. Second, it dilates blood vessels, improving oxygen flow. Third, it inhibits angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels to feed the tumor. Fourth, when hydrogen peroxide penetrates white blood cells, assassins called cytokines are produced. All of these are critical functions in killing a tumor or slowing its growth.

In addition to ozone’s potent effect by itself, it also strengthens the body if a patient will be undergoing chemotherapy. In Japan, patients are often prepared for two months before surgeries to strengthen the immune system. In some countries, patients’ tumor biopsy is tested (in a lab in Germany) with various chemotherapies, to find out which ones the cells are immune to, and which ones the cells are susceptible to.

When I learn of things like this, I am no longer surprised that the U.S. has only the 47th lowest mortality rate in the world. We are nothing short of callous in the way we treat cancer patients. It’s a national disgrace. We do nothing for them before, nothing for them after. The suffering is epic in scope. I am hoping for a cancer treatment revolution, where we focus on prevention and demand integrative care. Where we throw out the most expensive protocols which happen to be deadly and ineffective anyway.

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