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Update on Shirley, using “alternatives” after 2 rounds of chemo

You know I took 76-year old Shirley with me to An Oasis of Healing in Arizona? It’s been interesting to see someone I know undergoing the treatment of raw juice ‘feasting,’ immune system support, detox, oxygenating and alkalizing cancer to starve it out. She’s been back three times, there now for a week. Kels, her son, is my filmmaker and dear friend. He told me yesterday,

“She looks better than I’ve seen her in 20 years.” She’s lost 35 pounds. She’s off Prilosec, off her high-blood pressure meds, threw her glasses away because she can see now. Her cancer markers are way down. She’s a believer!”

Non-toxic cancer treatments work. You have to find the data yourself, since your traditional oncologist doesn’t   read it.

Ty Bollinger in his book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box, compares the question people have of “If this works, why wouldn’t my oncologist tell me about it?” to what an evolutionist thinks about creationists, until he meets one.

He’s always assumed they have the IQ of a rodent and wear beanie caps with rotors. He’s shocked to hear him speak of data on DNA, cell membranes, nucleotide chains, and protein chains. He says the complexity of the universe mandates a creator since the possibility of a 300,000 nucleotide chain randomly forming is beyond remote. The statistical probability that the first DNA had a permutation of nucleotides such that 300 viable proteins could be created by this DNA genome has a probability far less than 10 to the -30,000 power.

He tells you how ridiculously improbable it is that the first cell membrane formed by accident, about how incredibly complex a eukaryotic cell is—so much that even exobiologists admit one could not form by accident from a prebiotic pool. Then you learn that the first DNA and first cell membrane could not have formed in the same prebiotic pool, so it is virtually impossible that they could ever get together. Ten hours later, he is still talking about the scientific impossibility of ‘Big Bang’ and evolutionary theory.

This is the experience that many cancer patients, like Shirley, have when they discover the underground world of nontoxic cancer treatment. That they work to kill cancer cells and break down tumors, that they build your body towards health at the same time, and that no one in the traditional world of oncology is talking about it at all. Except to roll their eyes.  Or to shut it down if they’re part of the FDA or other Big Pharma-controlled organizations.

That there are dozens of doctors in the U.S. practicing in nontoxic cancer treatment in the U.S., Europe, Japan, but all those with innovative natural treatments who have come to the attention of the public in any significant way have been persecuted and oppressed by the $75 billion Cancer Industry who promotes only the Big 3. (Slash, Burn, Poison.)

Shirley was astonished to learn how many options she has to heal using other modalities, and wishes she’d known BEFORE two rounds of chemotherapy knocked her down, and hard.

A good friend of mine was just diagnosed with leukemia. His wife is miles ahead, having read everything I’ve researched thus far .   (Including what I’ll be posting in the next few weeks, plus a Gerson book I asked her to read.) She has a full plan, is already executing on it, has an infrared sauna on the way and is coming over here for a Norwalk juicing lesson.

He’s not doing the chemo and steroids that are, of course, his oncologist’s only prescriptions. This is good news, since almost everyone who goes to an alternative-health practice does so after flunking out of lots of chemo and radiation. That makes rehabilitation a much steeper uphill climb.

Chemo and radiation depress the success statistics of alternatives, even though they are higher than traditional oncology’s, when you control for the various ways the Cancer Industry inflates their numbers. (Almost everything does, including no treatment whatsoever.) Wait for Dr. Contreras’ success statistics, later in this blog series.

My friend and his wife say they first saw falling lymphocyte numbers six years ago. (Supporting my statements that cancer doesn’t “just happen,” that it’s a long progressive immune failure, and that blasting the tumor or cancer cells with bazookas does nothing about the actual problem.)

My friend and her husband believe that following 12 Steps to Whole Foods to change their diet, the past few years, has likely slowed that process that was already occurring way down. Now it’s time to get serious and nip this thing in the bud while it’s very early stage.

Stay tuned. I am optimistic and predict exciting results.

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