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MYTH: “My cancer just happened”

After my class in Carlsbad, a young mother of two small children waited to talk to me. She said, “You told your story of how you were desperate? I am just that—desperate.” And her eyes welled up with tears. She is tall and willowy, beautiful and blonde, and I am guessing once had a career as a model. You would not know she wasn’t healthy except for the angry red gash across the front of her throat. That’s where her thyroid and 12 lymph nodes were just removed.

I told her some things I’d learned that I hoped would help her, including this statement:

“You didn’t just get that cancer. It was growing for many years.”

(Other mothers I have spoken with say their toddlers with cancer couldn’t have been affected by environmental toxins. In fact, babies are now tested to have about 240 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord. That means that they came from the mother, oblivious that she is living in her own toxic soup. Children are currently testing as more toxic than adults do. This makes it that much more important to get educated, and follow excellent nutrition principles AND detoxification principles from birth onwards.)

This young mom shook her head at my statement that she didn’t just “come down with” cancer. She said, “Oh, yes, I really did. After the took the lymph nodes out, the tumors grew right back. In two weeks, they were back.”

This is one of the myths about cancer that most patients believe, especially if they have seen only drug-oriented oncologists. Just because surgery and/or chemo massively stressed the body and caused aberrant cells to proliferate wildly, that does not mean that you were completely healthy and suddenly your body went haywire and in two weeks your body “turned on itself” and produced Stage 3 cancer.

I wish everyone diagnosed with cancer had a “waiting period” where they were offered information about what cancer really is—and a variety of viewpoints. Like some activists want women to do before deciding on an abortion.

This would make a more difficult choice, but choice is important. One patient I met at Oasis of Hope Irvine told me her oncologist said, when she did chemo but then refused radiation (the tumor had not disappeared),

“This isn’t McDonald’s. You don’t get to pick and choose. It’s all or nothing here.”

Because of a pair of common delusions, a vicious cycle occurs. First, that cancer just suddenly “happened” to you, and second, that if you can get rid of the lump, you’re cured. The idea of surgery is to ‘remove’ the cancer.

But the killer is not usually the primary site, or the lump you first find. It’s metastatic cells migrating around the body, and that secondary cancer being very aggressive and resistant to chemo drugs, that eventually kill. So you cut some or all of the tumor out, apply heavy doses of poisonous IV drugs, or powerful burning rays, to that spot.

Maybe all three. You will probably decrease the size of the tumor. This, and this only, is the reward in oncology as it’s practiced currently.

You are also releasing massive amounts of cancer cells into the bloodstream with the surgery, plus anesthesia depresses the immune system, and scar tissue blocks energy pathways needed for healing.

Many healthy tissues suffer collateral damage from chemo and radiation. That damage does not end the week or month you received the treatment. Radiation keeps burning, burning, burning. Many new inflammatory conditions invariably occur.

Chemotherapy’s poisonous agents are not easily excreted by the body’s normal elimination channels. They keep doing more damage and causing more cell mutations, often a year or more later. Sometimes the damage done by surgery, and especially chemo and radiation, are fatal.

High-dose chemotherapy can cost $100,000 to $300,000. It is financially unsustainable and will eventually crash Medicare. As a community, we might as well start learning about other ways to reverse cancer now, because we will eventually be forced to.

Docs who prescribe low-dose chemotherapy make much less money. The treatments that can prepare you for chemo so that its effects are lessened, and treat you after the chemotherapy as well to help you recover, are unknown to most doctors and are not covered by most insurance companies. You have to either go to an integrative clinic, or go out of your way to educate yourself, or both. I will educate you about them in this blog series.

I hope I’m not talking excessively about my cancer research on this blog. I will be developing an ancillary site, and I know that HERE, my main objective is persuading mainstream folks to make a nutrition shift to regain or protect their health.

Thing is, I hope you agree, we all need to learn more about cancer. Cancer is often a nutrition-deficiency disease, exacerbated by chemicals and metals in the environment. That’s my opinion—but it’s easy to defend, when all the Vitamin D studies show about 50% to 70% less cancer in people who get enough of that hormone/vitamin!

You should know what cancer is, what it’s not, how it’s treated effectively and ineffectively. How traditional treatments actually CAUSE more cancer. What you can do, and where you go, if you find out your own cancer has gotten the upper hand. (That might sound strange, but remember, we all have it–half a million to a million cancer cells in a normal person.)

Because it’s now happening to 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 2.4 women. So it would be foolish to pretend it can’t happen to us and figure we’ll learn about it later. My own study of cancer has led me to not be very afraid of it. Also, I’ve had enough testing to know that my body is controlling cancer cells very well and I am not nearing a disaster. Less than 5% of cancer is truly genetic. Even in genetic cancers, those cancer markers can be turned off or on with lifestyle choices.

It’s an enormous mistake to be fatalistic and not address the factors that lead to 95% of the cancer: deficiencies and environmental toxins, the majority of which come from not enough good food and too much bad food.

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