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some of you want a Far Infrared Sauna

Some of you have written us asking about the group buy I’ve been working on, for Far Infrared Saunas, which I have been researching for 6 months. We are between webmasters but in January we hope to have it all automated.

We will be unable to openly publish the prices, because the company offering us the group-buy pricing doesn’t want to upset its dealers. However, you can ask us for the pricing.

And meantime, while we set it all up, we can get you the wholesale price on your own sauna. It takes up surprisingly little space and is more affordable than I thought.

Write Jenni or Jackie at, and they’ll send you my research report on the documented health, detoxification, and energy effects of FAR infrared treatment.

They’ll also send you the group buy pricing–with comparisons to the retail pricing. Through Jan. 13, they are giving us the healing L.E.D. lights I write about in my report, as well as FREE SHIPPING, plus a free aromatherapy cup and hanging sauna shelf.

Then, If you want a sauna, just write and he will help you.

You can look at the various models here to see which one will fit your space best:

(use the password sauna55 as this is not public on the site yet)

My FAR Infrared Sauna is possibly the most important thing I have purchased in the past five years–that and my water ionizer–and I use it daily and love it. I feel the deals I negotiated are great price points for the company with the highest quality, lovely aesthetics, and excellent health benefits. (In fact, it’s direct to the company that manufactures for all the OTHER companies.)

Many low-end saunas emit EMF and toxins, have poor workmanship, low-grade heaters, with very little FAR infrared waves. In addition to my academic research in the report Jenni will send you if you ask, I had the company take EMF readings and email me the meter readings. Then I had an independent EMF expert test and tell me his results. Then I went to Salt Lake to examine this company’s saunas myself. Finally, I bought my own and installed it (it’s easy, each side snaps together). I bought a Trifield meter, and tested the EMF. Then I used it for two months before telling you about it.

And some of the high-end saunas will cost up to $2,000 more than these units with no real advantages besides a few bells and whistles. I recently visited a friend out of town and used their high-end sauna. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to heat to 110 degrees. That’s 40 degrees lower than I achieve daily in my sauna, heating it for only 30-40 minutes. (Also my friend’s has a “hot spot” on the floor generating very high EMF.)

Soon I’ll have a video of me with my 3-person sauna showing you around, and the report will be on the site with links to an order form. But meantime we wanted to have a solution for those of you writing us.

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