They might be enjoying their food more than I am

Today I was driving down State Street, trying to drink a pint of beet/carrot/celery juice that I’d brought with me. I had a kitchen towel wrapped around it because when I ran out to the car with it, it was leaking. I’d jumped back out of the car and used the towel to re-trace my steps back to the fridge wiping up the floor, because it looked like someone was bleeding to death all along the path from fridge to car.

So I was at a stoplight, where I took the lid off and was throwing it back. Not very yummy. Really I was just pounding it. Getting it down the hatch.

And I noticed that in a beat-up truck next to me was a middle-aged couple, both eating fast-food burgers and fries.

And I had the thought, “This *!&! well better be making a difference in my life, because they look like they’re enjoying what they’re eating more than I am.”

Then I cracked up, right out loud, no one else in the car, because I just caught me talking to me.

Ten minutes later, though? I had millions of antioxidant molecules neutralizing, literally, the day’s stresses and exposure to chemicals. Giving me energy and a positive mood.

Which is good, because I’ve got a boatload of work to do. And I want to go to Zumba tonight with my friends. And I want my kids to get the best of me tonight, rather than the dregs.

Ten minutes later… friends in the pickup truck DON’T have powerful compounds keeping their blood thin and mobile.

Whatever pleasure it gave for the drive down State Street is gone. In fact, they might already be starting to feel sluggish and heavy. Dozens of processes in their bodies are rushing to their rescue to enable their hearts to continue beating despite the assault of chemicals and fats in the bloodstream.

They’ve absorbed the energy of the misery and suffering of that cow, who got pumped up with antibiotics and steroids and growth hormones before slaughter. They have millions of molecules of trans fats and chemicals running around their bloodstream wreaking havoc.

My beet-celery juice is sounding a lot better.

I think I’ll go get another glass out of the fridge.