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Structural Realignment: Every day, Dr. Lodi would ask me, “Have you seen Kathleen yet?” On my last day, I finally went to see her. She trained for a year in a branch of the work pioneered by Dr. Ida Rolf (I have heard of this therapy as “Rolfing” and have a friend who experienced miraculous results from it). The body is covered by fascial straps, and as we become de-aligned and fatigued, the body binds us in ever-more-restrictive fascial straps. Kathleen is phenomenally gifted at what she does. Some people are intuitive healers, and she is one of them. I was astonished, after one treatment (which felt amazing) that I could turn and look all the way over my right shoulder for the first time in years. (Due to a car accident when I was 5 years old that locked my neck vertebrae into a straight formation, rather than the very significant curve of an undamaged cervical spine.)

FAR Infrared Sauna: I have been studying FAR Infrared treatment for detoxification all year. In fact, I have been investigating all the companies to find one I wanted to not only invest in for myself, but to offer wholesale prices in a group buy to my readers. I now have mine and am madly in love with it. I am working out the deal for those of you who have the space and the money to put a powerful healing tool in your home.

The effect of far infrared is not something you have to take on faith, as with many treatments, because it’s so easily felt, the detoxification that occurs. It significantly reduces blood pressure due to dilation of vessels in one session of over one hour. (It also burns calories–300 to 600 according to various reports. My resting heart rate is 45, and after 30 mins. in my sauna, it doubles. This is exciting for people unable to exercise.)

The waves penetrate 1 ½” deep, which means even organs can detoxify. You’re loosening and releasing, through various organs including the dynamic organ of the skin, heavy metals, sodium, cholesterol, dozens of pesticides and cleaning agents and endocrine disruptors, alcohol and nicotine.

A traditional steam sauna just heats the surface of your skin, and it’s hard to breathe in them, as the temperature is so high and can make the lungs feel like they’re burning. (I personally find myself claustrophobic and terrified in a regular sauna.) You won’t experience this in an infrared sauna, which is very comfortable, as the heat is dry and lower temperature, but deeply penetrating. The amount you perspire is just phenomenal, much more than in a steam sauna—and so good for you in releasing the chemical toxins stored in your fat cells and organs!

It opens clogged or malfunctioning powers and heals skin and acne and scars. One source I read says far infrared is the only antidote to sun damage (excess ultraviolet radiation). And Japanese researchers concluded that the radiant heat is also an antidote for the negative effects of EMF. I have read papers describing the positive clinical effects tested on people with depression.

Dr. Lodi says that while regular cells function optimally at 98.6 degrees–everyone knows this–immune cells go into hyperdrive and function optimally at 103.5 degrees! With the increase in body temp in the sauna, imagine your white blood cells speeding up and energizing, to gobble up macrophages!

That includes cancer cells, and many practitioners have patients doing far infrared therapy multiple times a day. You’re getting the positive effects of a fever, which is one of the body’s most important healing mechanisms that serves a critical purpose. (A Dr. Lodi quote: “People think that a fever is a sign of a Tylenol deficiency.”) Jumping in your far infrared sauna at the first sign of an illness can be very helpful.

Using the sauna to heal is highly effective. (My son and his athlete friends crowd into our 3-man unit, which they call the Bro-Zone.) It decreases joint stiffness and muscle spasms, increases blood flow, relieves pain, and decreases inflammation. One of my favorite things, besides how relaxed I feel, is how soft my skin is after. Matthew texted me the day after we used it for the first time: “Feel the skin on your face!” It’s a wonderful treatment for acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

One strange thing: I thought it would relax me, but if I do the sauna right before bed, I do feel relaxed, but so rejuvenated and energized, I can’t go to sleep!

Professional Colonics, and Coffee Enemas: I’ve still never done the coffee enema, but I’ve read extensively of their benefits from the Gerson Institute. The idea is that the portals to the liver and kidneys are dilated by the caffeine so that waste products inherent in breaking down cancer can evacuate the body via the rectum quickly and easily without being reabsorbed over and over. (Coffee taken orally does not have therapeutic benefit.) Professional colonics can irrigate higher into the colon that enemas can.

Wheat Grass Juice: Leveraging the work of Ann Wigmore, An Oasis of Healing allows you a wheat grass shot every day. Wheatgrass is powerful against cancer in myriad ways: it’s highly oxygenating, and it is rich in chlorophyll, which increases hemoglobin production so that more oxygen gets to the cancer, starving it. It also contains anti-cancer selenium and laetrile. Plus, it’s possibly the most alkaline food on the planet.

Hypnosis:   Deborah is an incredible hypnotherapist, another of the gifted healers at Oasis (right up there with Brandi and Kathleen!). She has been developing a way of working with cancer patients to discover what their cancer is trying to teach them.

It’s a dangerous path to traverse to suggest that someone’s cancer is their own fault. That’s not a place a practitioner is likely to go. But now you “have” cancer. What does your subconscious tell you that may be terribly helpful in move forward in your healing? Could it be possible that you have some unresolved traumas that are in the way of your body accomplishing its higher purposes? Deborah taught me how to self-hypnotize. I came by at the end of Shirley’s first session and found her very emotional about what she had learned from her subconscious that day about what ovarian cancer’s positive message to her may be.

Education, Yoga, Meditation:   Patients are educated by Dr. Lodi as well as others on his staff, and there is a yoga class every morning that anyone, even those who are not able to otherwise exercise, can participate in. Dr. Lodi repeatedly states that one should wake up and meditate for 20 mins, read a good health book for 30 mins, and exercise before beginning the day. All these are beneficial for physical and spiritual healing.

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