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Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide: It’s found in nature, in breast milk, it’s just H2O2. It’s a natural byproduct of cellular respiration. But it’s toxic to cancer cells. At Oasis, over 90 minutes, a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution drips into the vein in your arm.

It kills viral and bacterial cells. I proved this on myself by putting a highly diluted (8%) solution on a little wart I got on my arm about a year ago. It burns a little when I put it on. But in a week, the solution has almost eaten the wart completely, while surrounding tissues are fine. Hydrogen peroxide administered via IV was first used in WWII, when field hospitals discovered how powerful it was in preventing gangrene.

When H2O2 is injected, the chemical reaction that occurs is that a single oxygen atom is spun off and only water (H2O) remains. The oxygen kills cancer cells on contact since cancer cells require tremendous energy and must live in an oxygen-deprived environment.

Aerobic organisms, such as probiotics in the gut, thrive in the presence of hydrogen peroxide.

If this solution is so simple and effective, why doesn’t modern medicine use it anymore? Simple: you can’t patent it. Therefore you can’t make money on it. It has fallen by the wayside but is a good first-line antibiotic without side effects. (Do not drink it, though–some people do, but you won’t achieve the effects putting it into your stomach, the reasons why would take me a few paragraphs–it needs to reach your blood circulation.) Some people bathe in a diluted peroxide, and many, including Dr. Christian Bernard (who performed the first heart transplant) used it several times daily to reduce arthritis and aging.

UV Light: Blood is removed and exposed to UV light in a vial, killing cancer as well as other pathogens. Dr. Lodi says, “Hemoglobin has the exact same structure as chlorophyll, except hemoglobin has iron, and chlorophyll has magnesium. Why did nature give us photoreceptive cells? We must be capable of converting light into energy!”

(Many recent studies on Vitamin D are now confirming this. Contrary to what has believed for decades, several types of cancer have an inverse relationship with sun exposure, including skin and breast cancer–the more sun exposure, the less cancer people get! Sun is carcinogenic in combination with excess Omega 6 fats, Dr. Lodi says in one of his articles. Omega 6 overdose is the result of refined oils in the diet, in fried foods, prepared salad dressings, and much more.)

In 1941, American Journal of Surgery published Surgeon George Maile’s work with UV light, curing six years of septic patients. Septic is when infection is rampant, everywhere in the body. These patients are virtually always in intensive care, and many die. With UV treatment, 100% of the mild cases were cured, 100% of the moderate cases were cured, and 55% percent of the moribund patients were cured. That’s beyond statistically significant. That’s astonishing. But traditional medicine ignores it.

Intravenous Sodium Selenite: This is a little-known therapy being used by only one other doctor in the United States. Sodium selenite is a potent oxidative version of the essential trace mineral Selenium that attacks destructive cancer cells: it’s a non-toxic chemotherapy.

Dr. Lodi brought it into his practice recently because of a paper published in Sweden reviewing a variety of studies, all of them very exciting for cancer treatment. Early studies in the 1960′s and beyond showed phenomenal cancer prevention in animals. In one, mice were given a carcinogenic compound, but 100% in the group supplemented with selenium were alive 25 days later, and in the control group that did not take selenium, all were dead.

A well known 1996 study (Clark et al) in the U.S. documented a 50% reduction of prostate cancers and 25% reduction of all cancers for people taking this nutrient in supplement form over 10 years. Yu et al showed an even better 35% cancer reduction after 8 years. (Participants took 200 mg of selenized yeast.)

Looks like low to moderate long-term use of selenium orally is a great preventative. But for therapy, high doses are toxic to malignancies. Oral administration of high doses have side effects including nausea, which are bypassed with intravenous administration.

IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy, or low-dose chemo): A cancer cell is 19 times less efficient than a normal cell, with 19 times more insulin receptors. With this treatment used since 1933, you first starve cancer cells of sugar (patients are required to fast), creating an insulin-receptive environment. Then injection of extremely low-dose chemo goes directly to cancer cells, without hair loss and other toxic side effects.

Patients undergoing IPT at Oasis of Healing wear ice helmets to prevent chemicals from getting to hair follicles and cause hair loss. They put ice packs on their hands and feet to prevent the chemicals from getting to their extremities and causing neuropathy. That written, I had read of it for years, but I’m here to say it’s low toxicity, and that’s a relative assessment—it’s not “no-toxicity.” One Oasis patient told me the next day that she pulled over on the way home from her treatment and threw up. Others did have symptoms. I shiver thinking about what it would be like to have 10 times that much.

The criticism of IPT is that clinical trials haven’t been completed. Clinical trials are expensive and completed by drug companies trying to get FDA approval. Why would a company whose drug is already approved pay for a study to show that using only 10 percent of that drug may be more effective with this targeted therapy as the massively more profitable standard dose is, with (clearly) fewer side effects and no deaths associated with it? No drug company is stepping forward to conduct the study but Dr. Lodi claims to have used it successfully with hundreds of patients. And Dr. Lasalvia in Uruguay published a small government-funded trial showing that insulin plus a low dose of chemotherapy is far more effective than high-dose chemo.

Acupuncture: A real Chinese practitioner, Dr. Lu, discovers where energy pathways are blocked and releases them, to improve the body’s ability to heal itself. I had never done it before. The needles in my legs did not hurt.

Lymphatic drainage therapy: The lymph system is so important. A sedentary lifestyle causes many people’s lymphatic fluids and tissues to become a stagnant swamp. We need the lymph system to actively, dynamically clean the blood, critical not only to avoid lymphatic cancer itself, but also to help in cleaning the debris in the bloodstream as cancer tissues are breaking up in the healing process. Brandi, a former ER nurse, has an interesting, comfortable one-hour lymphatic drainage protocol using an electrical system developed 14 years ago in Europe.


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