My trip to An Oasis of Healing

I’ve just returned from a visit studying what Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D. is doing in Arizona to treat cancer non-toxically. I will have a two-part video for you, when we edit it, where he helps us understand how a Columbia-trained internal medicine doctor discovered that his integrity would not allow him to earn $750K/year or more doing what all the other docs are doing.

In addition to learning from him, I met some phenomenal people there at the clinic being treated for cancer.

One of them, Christine, you’ll see on video in the next week. She is one of only THREE people being treated at Oasis who look and act healthy. All three of the healthy-looking women chose to come directly to Dr. Lodi’s practice, skipping most people’s choice to devastate the immune system with chemo and radiation (often catastrophically). The difference to the eye, in the two groups, was remarkable.

I saw some things at the clinic I WON’T be writing about, simply because they are too personal, about what happens to a person who undergoes radiation to her chest. I’ve come to think of it as “the gift that keeps on giving.”

To sum it up, though, if I ever held out any hope that taking a risk of radiating your body’s organs, or injecting chemicals into your veins, just to debulk a tumor, had any real promise as a “cure”…..I don’t anymore.

It’s no wonder Dr. Lodi gets fired up talking about the practices of his colleagues in oncology who took a vow to “do no harm.” I very frankly would LOVE to hear an oncologist explain to me on this blog how they do what they do for a whole day, and show up the next morning to do it again. Someone please help me understand.

Just because some people SURVIVE their chemotherapy doesn’t mean that it “cured” them. A study in Sweden sent half of women in their 80’s diagnosed with breast cancer home, with no treatment. The other half got chemotherapy. The untreated women lived an average of 11 months longer.

Have I written about the Japanese researchers many years ago who put tar (a known carcinogen) on rabbits’ ears to induce cancer? After three months, they killed some bunnies, and all had organ damage, but no lumps or bumps. After six months, they killed more, and organ damage was very significant—but still no tumors.

Only after nine months, when they killed the final one-third, did they find cancerous tumors, even though organ damage was now significant. My point here is that getting rid of the bump (cutting, burning, poisoning it) not only doesn’t restore anyone to health, it doesn’t even eliminate the effect of rampant cancer cells. At most, all it does is “debulk” that cancer temporarily, while feeding it with lots of cancer-causing chemicals that are circulating through the body nonstop.

The popular media has been buzzing about how crazy Steve Jobs was to try all kinds of wacky holistic things before undergoing “traditional” treatment for cancer. (It’s not traditional–chemo and radiation are new and modern, in the scheme of history. And they definitely do NOT work for pancreatic cancer. The journals are so excited that chemo is helping pancreatic cancer patients live ONE month longer. Those are bigger gains than they’ve ever had before. I don’t know about you, but to me, Chemo Life isn’t worth having an extra month of. Ask anyone who has been through it. It’s not a life. It’s hanging on by your fingernails hoping you survive and get to a better place someday.)

But Steve Jobs lived 7 years—with a cancer that the average person lives 23 months post-diagnosis. What if some of those crazy holistic treatments gave him an extra 5 years of life? What is five years of your life worth to you? Most holistic treatments are not just somebody’s outlandish idea dreamed up to make a fortune; many are underpinned by an understanding of biochemistry and the functioning of a healthy immune system.

Sure, oncologists will say that cancer, when it runs rampant, can be terribly brutal. So we fight brutality with brutality.

My issue is the medical industry’s disrespect for the entire human organism. And also, its complete disregard for the beautiful, intricate system of the immune system. If it doesn’t work and needs to be nuked, why are most of us able to keep OUR cancer at bay?

(We all have cancer. An average of 750,000 cells, according to Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., whom I will speak with in Irvine next month and study with, too. “Cancer isn’t a problem. It’s not a thing,” says Dr. Lodi. “It is easily gotten rid of.”)

Why is my cancer not growing to the level of 1 billion cells, where I may discover a lump or bump, but maybe yours is? Because your immune function got too busy, too overwhelmed, as Dr. Lodi says, dealing with Dept. of Maintenance so that it had no resources to devote to Dept. of Defense.

Tomorrow I’m going to show you, on video, a doctor working at Oasis telling you what he did to REVERSE HIS TYPE I DIABETES. (Please don’t yell at me that you can’t reverse Type I–I’m not saying you can. I’m just going to show you someone saying he DID.)

This week I’m going to show you a lymphatic drainage therapist (former ER nurse) teaching us exactly how to skin brush. I’m going to show you two moms my age who are choosing alternative means to treat their breast cancer and their advice for you.

I’m going to show you a Belgian cancer patient who flew across the world so that drinking a gallon of vegetable juice daily, and Vitamin C and Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s, and treatments like Major Autohemo and lymphatic drainage therapy, would massively decrease the size of the tumors in his neck so he can breathe and swallow again. In just two weeks.

I’ll tell you about what treatment at Oasis consists of. I submitted to it myself, everything but IPT. (That’s a low-dose chemotherapy, 5-10% of the standard dosage, leveraging insulin receptors and starving the body of sugars so that the cancer cells’ 52 receptors gobble up the poison so it doesn’t go to healthy cells, which have only 4 receptors.)

Stay tuned.