A Year Without Sugar

It’s been 2 months since I bet Matthew Flinders $10,000 that I wouldn’t eat sugar for a year. Here, he and I talk about it. It’s just NO BIG DEAL! (Kristin is behind the camera, if you’re wondering why I’m assuring her that I still love her even though she ate treats all through Texas and Mexico.) I want a REAL challenge! One idea: we ban all sweeteners, for a year. Second idea: Dr. Tom Lodi and I made a pledge to go to Panama and do a 42-day water fast. (When he can get away from his practice and I can get away from four minors I happen to be raising by myself. AS IF!) As he says, “Your first 50 years are free. You have the EARN the next 50!” I’m learning how to earn them, and that’s why YOU’RE here, to earn yours too! Let’s do it together!