Off to Texas and The Heart Attack Grill….& in Feb., we’re in Ft. Lauderdale & Orlando!

We’re about to take off to speak Thurs. night in DALLAS, where our tickets issued just topped 700. Then we have nearly 300 in SAN ANTONIO where we are determined to get in a late-night run on the River Walk, before jetting off to AUSTIN Saturday morning where we have 450 registered. After I talk with people for a while afterwards, we’ll tear out of there to speak in HOUSTON that night, where we have over 650 ticketed. Only 50% actually show up to free events, so these classes will be nice and small and intimate—come one, come all, and chat with me afterward please!

I love Texans, the warmest people on the planet! I get to see my little brother and his family tonight, and then tomorrow at 1:45-ish we’re gonna go stir up some trouble at the Heart Attack Grill in Dallas, so come hang out with us there, and make a video with us! I’m going to try to stuff some posterboard and sharpies in my suitcase right now in case we decided to PICKET. For sure we’ll be trying to get people to try samples of my own personal green-fountain-of-youth and talking them out of strapping on a hospital gown and clogging their arteries with motor oil…..I mean, triple-pattie burgers and stick-of-butter shakes and deep-fried potatoes and beer.

Today at the gym we dreamed up these picket signs: “CODE GREEN, NOT CODE RED!” What do you think?? Any other ideas?

Stand by to watch the video of me-n-Kristin—maybe my brother and his wife, maybe a couple of Texas friends—- try to save the world one green smoothie at a time!

In February I am doing two free lectures in Florida with the famous Dr. Brian Clement (I’m doing my class/demo and he’s speaking on CANCER AND NUTRITION), right after spending a few days studying at his Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. We’ll be in FT. LAUDERDALE, Fri. Feb. 17, and ORLANDO, Sat., Feb. 18, so get some free tickets if you’re anywhere near there! (Oh, and write if you want to help us find a location for either of those, thanks!)

I will continue to blog while I’m away. And we should be shipping and arranging for local pickup, for the group buy, by Oct. 30 or sooner!