My friend Chris’ last public words before succumbing to cancer

I have seen people, when they are educated by those who tell the truth, become really angry. Tina, whom I met at CHI, 44 years old, was livid to discover she has been educated by industry. By folks with a profit motive that is in conflict with the interests of public health.

She said, “Everything I’ve been taught about food is a lie!”

She was shocked to learn that many of the things she has thought are good for her….aren’t.

Once I read a series in the Wall Street Journal about attitudes towards nutrition in the inner city. They interviewed some young black women who ate fast food three times a day, like all their peers. One woman said to the reporter, “McDonalds wouldn’t sell it, if it weren’t good for me.”

We worship the institutions of popular culture. Thousands of Golden Arches, and every grocery store in America, don’t lie. Do they?

I have learned that to be educated in nutrition, you have to go off the beaten path. If you stand in the mainstream, you’re gonna get hit by every pop can and piece of trash that has been thrown in that torrent. Precious little of the information you’re given about food is valid.