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Group buy starts today!

Group buy kicked off TODAY!

I hand-select 26 pantry staples I am able to get inexpensively, and we stock it through Nov. 30. Or “while supplies last.” Log in and check it out HERE. Also check out the forum for finding people in your area to split an order with. And forms for organizing your own buying club. If you use form 2 to mark up 20%, you’ll likely get your own food FREE and you could even make some money beyond that, if you’re willing to break down orders into smaller (5# or 10# orders).

My favorite items:

Never-hybridized Einkorn (an ancient wheat, and ORGANIC) whole-grain pasta. The best DEAL is on Ormus Greens (over $15 off EACH one). Sprouted ground flaxseed, an important part of your food storage and green smoothie strategy for Omega 3 and much more. Raw coconut sugar. Three varieties of our favorite snack bars that we eat every day in the office here. Really fabulous organic, cold pressed coconut oil (perfect for baking, for skin creme, for frying). And let’s not forget non-fumigated, non-pasteurized, raw almonds. SunWarrior’s brand-new hemp/cranberry/pea protein.   And more!

LOCALS (Utah County), if you don’t want 50# of almonds or 6 bags of Ormus Greens or whatever….contact GSG reader Katie 801-400-9222 or email Then you can get the benefit of the group buy without having to buy a quantity.

If you’re from anywhere else and want to hook up with others in your area, check out our resources HERE.