What to do with my extra greens??

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I bought some spinach at Costco and when I got home, I saw it was about to go bad. So I blended it up and froze it in 4 Tupperware containers. Is that okay, or does it ruin the nutrition?

Answer: Sure, that’s okay. Even slightly oxidized, two-days-refrigerated, or frozen-then-thawed greens, are better than most anything ELSE you might choose to eat on any given day. I’m a big fan of not letting food go to waste.

Next time, consider two ideas that can simplify your life a bit. You might freeze the blended greens in ice cube trays. Then keep the frozen “green cubes” in a Ziploc freezer bag to blend with fruit and water, for an easy, quick green smoothie that you don’t have to defrost, like you do your Tupperware portions. Or you can just freeze the raw spinach in baggies for later, avoiding any second step. Before you completely zip off the bag, stick a straw in it and suck out the air—now the bag will take up minimal space in your freezer.