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LISA goes raw and eliminates LUPUS symptoms

In Denver this summer, I met Lisa, who was, not long ago, completely debilitated by Lupus. Here’s her story, in 4 minutes, that I hope inspires you, if you have an auto-immune condition, to change your nutrition.

(Sorry it was windy, which affected the sound. TURN IT UP!)

I have been studying the methods of the natural practitioners lately (Wigmore or Gerson clinics, for instance), and one of the highest SUCCESS rates are with auto-immune conditions like Lupus.

I just watched a few YouTube videos of people with Lupus, talking about what a day in their life is like—a very depressing 15 minutes. People grotesquely swollen from steroids, devastated immune function allowing staph infections and bronchitis and pneumonia. Folks undergoing surgeries to address necrosis from the drug complications, every joint in their body aching, a need to sleep all day long. A deceased Lupus victim’s son saying, “The drugs trying to save you from Lupus kill the rest of your body.”

It recommits me to do what’s in my power to strengthen immune function and prevent these horrific diseases including fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, etc. For me, my children, my readers.

Sitting around hoping they’ll find a drug that “cures” it or throwing money at pharmaceutical companies, to that end, seems a big mistake. (Apparently, the last time they found a new drug for it, Eisenhower was in the White House.)

Other REALLY treatable conditions we get constant emails about, highly responsive to treatment using excellent nutrition: type II diabetes and heart disease.

It’s worth it, to expend the effort to return to eating the way people did when cancer affected 1 in 100, rather than 1 in 3, and Lupus was unheard of. Thanks for inspiring us, Lisa!

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