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Prices on nuts/seeds for this year’s group buy

Unfortunately I just learned that we will NOT be able to obtain any supply of the Bionaturae regular whole-wheat pastas, OR the brown-rice gluten-free pastas. The only line we will have in this group buy is Jovial Einkorn whole-wheat pasta. It’s a 12,000-yr. old unhybridized grain, lower in gluten and higher in protein, the highest-NUTRITION pasta we found.

You might know about the almond war in California. Four years ago, the state of California began requiring all its almond ranchers treat their entire crop with high-heat steam pasteurization. Enzymes are killed in the process, as well as some vitamins and minerals destroyed.

The ranchers have put up a fight, but the war rages on. Bottom line: except in very limited conditions, you can’t get truly raw almonds unless you pay over $9/lb. to get them from Spain. What your health food store, or Costco, calls “raw,” just means “not roasted.” In fact they have been pasteurized at well over 160 degrees, and enzymes die at 116 degrees.

What you might not know is that not only are the almonds PASTEURIZED by law; they’re also FUMIGATED. They use propylene oxide, a chemical classified by the EPA as a “probable human carcinogen.”

We are acquiring not only UNPASTEURIZED almonds in the group buy, but we are also getting them NON-FUMIGATED. We are then freezing them for 4 days to achieve the same effect non-toxically.

The price is only $3.75/lb. (If we obtained them from Europe, they would be over $9/lb. this year.)

These are the “prices to be determined” items—we finally have pricing from suppliers:

Raw Almonds:   50 lbs for $187.50

Raw Chia Seeds:   25 lbs for $117.50

Flax Seed:   25 lbs for $43.75

Raw Pumpkin Seeds:   27.5 lbs for $103.00

Raw Walnut Pieces:   25 lbs for $142.50

Dates (chopped):   30 lbs for $57.00

Sesame Seeds:   25 lbs for $50.00

Cashew Pieces:   25 lbs for $142.50

Raw Sunflower Seeds:   25 lbs for $46.25

Organic Shredded Coconut:   25 lbs for $72.50