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Group buy kicking off soon!

We’ve gotten lots of emails asking about the group buy—thanks for your patience. Watch this blog, and the newsletter, and facebook, for that announcement when we’re ready to take orders. We do this annual buy to save you money stocking your pantry with whole-foods staples. YES, we are shipping this year (U.S. only, so if you’re in Canada, you must pick up, across the border, because we are shipping to U.S. addresses only.)

So get your buying club together and ready, of friends and family interested in good nutrition. The three biggest, most exciting things that are new:

(1) free shipping for orders over 1,000 lbs.,

(2) whole-grain, high-nutrition, non-hybridized   pasta added to the buy, and

(3) a new excellent, proprietary protein powder from Sunwarrior featuring cranberry, hemp, and split-pea protein (no Asia sourcing).

You may wish to make an order form of these products now (although we are working on one), and you’re welcome to mark up 5-10% so that, in exchange for your work in managing the order, you may get your own order free! Nuts and seeds being fluctuating commodities, I’m sorry I’m still waiting for prices to drop, so they are marked as TBD in this list:

Whole-grain Einkorn wheat linguini, penne, fusilli (ancient unhybridized grain, best nutrition, organic) (12 / 12-oz. boxes), $30

Extra virgin, organic coconut oil (from Kenya, by female-owned micro-businesses) (3 one-gal. buckets), $144

Italian crushed tomatoes (in tomato puree, with basil, far superior to U.S. tomatoes) (locals ONLY for pickup)   (12 / 28-oz cans), $36

Raw, organic agave (4 gal.), $130

Raw coconut sugar (3 five-lb. bags), $90

Just Great Stuff bars, three flavors, case of 12 bars, $18 (save $6 per case while supplies last)

Sunwarrior protein powder (cranberry, hemp, and split pea proteins, sourcing in U.S. and Europe only) 3 mylar bags, $120

Ormus Greens (mylar bags, 5-year shelf life), 6 mylar bags, $225

Sprouted-flax, (3 mylar bags, 4 year shelf life), $48

Extra virgin olive oil (four 3-liter tins, long shelf life), $89

Raw honey (six 5-lb. tubs), $80

Raw unpasteurized almonds (50# boxes), $187.50

Chia Seeds, 25 lbs for $117.50

Flax Seed, 25 lbs for $43.75

Raw Pumpkin Seeds, 27.5 lbs for $103.00

Raw Walnut Pieces, 25 lbs for $142.50

Dates (chopped), 30 lbs for $57.00

Sesame Seeds, 25 lbs for $50.00

Cashew Pieces, 25 lbs for $142.50

Raw Sunflower Seeds, 25 lbs for $46.25

Organic Shreaded Coconut, 25 lbs for $72.50