Excited, just a little scared, to go to TEXAS!

A couple of years I went to San Antonio with a friend, just to goof around while my kids spent spring break with their dad. I blogged that in over 20 countries I’d been in, over the past few years, on several continents, it was officially the UNHEALTHIEST place I have ever been.

I’m mostly excited, but a little scared, to go to Texas again next month! The good news is, in Dallas and Houston, we have 550 and 450 people ticketed. And 200 and 250 in San Antonio and Austin. So there officially are plenty of people in Texas interested in eating right. I spoke in Dallas a couple of years ago at a Whole Foods Market to the biggest crowd they’d ever had in their event planner’s 9 years working there—so I know there are truth seekers and healthy eaters even “down south!”

But I just got this note from our sponsor in Dallas, Andie:

“So Robyn may have her work cut out for her here. I wanted to pass on to her about a new restaurant we have called the Heart Attack Grill. They boast the highest fat content in the burgers (they even have one with four patties), sticks of butter in the milkshakes, and fries cooked in pure lard. They make you wear a hospital gown while eating. And the kicker? If you are over 350 pounds you get to eat free!!! The first day they were open they were so busy they had to close early because they got so overwhelmed. Yikes!”

Oncologists who practice in nutrition have to run to Mexico so they don’t get sued for stepping outside “standard of care,” while businesses who brazenly boast that their food will kill you, are welcomed with open arms.

Andie, can you make up some extra green smoothie? Kristin and I just decided we’re gonna stand outside The Heart Attack Grill and film us handing out samples.

Can’t wait to meet y’all, Texans.