My kids and the Sugar Bet

The night before my bet with Matthew started—I must pay $10,000 if I eat any sugar—I told the kids. I wanted them to be part of watching me.

(Matthew’s mom and grandma had come to my class in Sandy the week before we started, and I asked his mom to let me know if she saw M cheat. She said, “And my son has to pay you ten grand? No way.” Duh. What was I thinking?)

My kids gasped at the sum and said, “Where would you get ten thousand dollars?” I said, solemnly, gulping: “Well….I’d have to sell one of you kids.”

I think now my children will be rather supportive of the Sugar Bet. Vigilant, even.

The point, though, I told Tennyson, is that I can CHOOSE and I don’t HAVE to eat sugar, so the danger is very low that I will have to sell a kid.

It’s all upside. Kristin said to me last week, “When I eat sugar, my body hurts.”

As for me, when I eat it, I feel anxious when I wake up the next morning instead of positive and excited for the day.

Matthew loves gross-out incentive contests. He has this can of silkworm larvae that he wanted us to bet—if we eat sugar, we have to eat 2 silkworm larvae. He claims a friend of his ate them and they’re the worst food in the history of food.

(I’d eat something yucky, so that probably wouldn’t work with me. After all, I drink wheat grass all the time even though I get chills down my spine—in a bad way—just THINKING about the kind of wheatgrass we have around here. At CHI, it was sweeter and….better, somehow.)

Matthew is a Yellow personality (see Hartman’s Color Code) and makes EVERYTHING into a game. And I’m a Red/Blue, so I hate to lose and I hate to fail. I predict nobody pays anybody a dime and at the end of a year, we’re both happier, wealthier (from no purchases of desserts) and healthier.

Matthew and I were talking after a Zumba/yoga marathon last night, about how my favorite thing, mint-frosting brownies, weren’t tempting early that evening at my neighborhood 9/11 meeting/BBQ.

It’s like when I was in church, as a kid, and they taught us to make up our minds about our values before we’re in a dicey situation. Like, if you have made the decision in an absolute way that you don’t do drugs, then there’s no temptation when your friends are at a party smoking pot. The decision was made long ago.

Making a Sugar Bet takes all the decision-making away. There’s no choice about the brownie. No way is it worth $10,000. And my health gets to stay outstanding, instead of just great, as a result.

It’s ALL upside! Two weeks in, I haven’t even been tempted. I am loving the Sugar Bet. In fact, I want to make it stricter. It’s too easy right now. I’ll get Matthew on video soon, to negotiate that.