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Californians—and everyone who cares about medical freedom, please help

If your child got cancer, you would not be able to opt out of chemotherapy and radiation on her behalf, to seek alternatives. (And there ARE alternatives–impressive, non-toxic ones, with better success rates than the toxic ones in many, if not most, cases. Alternatives that don’t rob your child of his future ability to father children, or his hair, or his liver function.) You can read about some of my past efforts in this movement by googling my name with Parker Jensen’s or Katie Wernecke’s. My real name is Robyn Openshaw, not GreenSmoothieGirl. Parents who tell a doctor “no thanks” to chemo can end up in jail.

I am deeply concerned about all the ways parents are losing their rights to Big Pharma.

In many states, drug companies are indirectly pushing bills through doctor groups, such as the one that passed in California sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk right now. AB499 gives the state power to vaccinate teens against sexually transmitted diseases without the parents’ consent.

Vaccines are an invasive medical procedure that cause injury and even death in some children. AB499 circumvents consumer safety protections such as the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that require a child’s parents to be given a description of the risks of the vaccine, as well as information about the vaccine injury compensation program.

Gov. Brown recently vetoed a bill that under-18 skiers and snowboarders must wear helmets (with criminal penalties for both parents and child. In his veto message, he expressed concern about taking responsibility from parents to make good choices for their children.

By that same logic, please tell Governor Brown to veto AB499:

1) POST the link to this alert ON FACEBOOK, blogs, or other social media sites:


Call: (916) 445-2841

Fax: (916) 558-3160

Email Web Form:

4) REGISTER for the NVIC Advocacy Portal at so you can receive updates.

Oh, and completely unrelated, in response to lots of requests, here’s a photo of the Grody Bloody Eyeball. Enjoy.

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