Creative Health Institute, Detox and Rebuild

These are just a few of my new friends who participated in the 10-day Detox and Rebuild program. I’m telling you their motives for traveling to CHI, and their comments about the experience.

1. Donna. She quoted my book in her lecture, not knowing I was in the class. So Madeleine had some fun with that, asking her, “Have you ever met GreenSmoothieGirl?” and building it up. Everybody laughed, and Donna and I did this video afterward, telling her story.   HER EMAIL IS ACTUALLY DLCAPPON@YAHOO.COM.

Note: From my studies thus far, I think that many natural treatments using nutrition and specific supplements help “manage” cancer much like diabetics manage their disease. That is, it doesn’t go away, but it doesn’t spread or take other forms or ruin your life. (Of course, some non-toxic protocols also have some great “cure” case studies—if 20 years of being cancer-free can be called a “cure.”)

2. Bhante, in his 60’s, a New York monk who came for two months, from the monastery, seeking help for a 34-year-long sinus headache. He taught us concrete steps, using meditation, towards feeling expansive love and concern for even our “enemies.”

3. Peggy and Ed. Ed is a GSG reader who went vegan 8 years ago and resolved his cardiac issues. He wants to help his wife, who has suffered with ulcerative colitis for 14 years and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and does not want chemo. Ed serves people constantly, even going to Home Depot with staff and solving a plumbing problem, and helping me with film/camera work since my filmmaker was not able to come. Peggy is patient and kind.

4. Kendra is a young mother and minister’s wife who has an eye infection she has been told will make her blind. She brought her sister Melinda, a smoker, and her mother, Esther, who suffers with chronic constipation and other health issues. Kendra has been to other inpatient alternative-health clinics and said, “This is a place very conducive to healing.”

5. Elsa, in her 50’s, recently diagnosed with anal and vaginal cancer, came with her friend Anne who had been to CHI before. Elsa knew nothing of alternative health but was plotting suicide during her grueling rounds of chemo and radiation. She lost her sister to cancer just a year ago and wants to regain good health and was a model patient.

She said, “My mind is blown. Two weeks ago, I would never have believed food could be part of my healing. It seemed too lightweight.”

Later, as I filmed her, she said: “I can die of the medications they want me to be on. I can die of suicide, which is what I plotted during chemotherapy. Or I can choose to live. I am here choosing life.”

6. Harley-riding Chris, 53, and his born-again mother, Mary, 76, had been at CHI for a month when I arrived.

Chris worked around industrial chemicals his entire career though he is a non-smoker, and was close to 500 lbs. until recently when he lost 100 lbs. He was very compliant with the detox diet, though he asked for blueberries to be blended into his Energy Soup.  Mary kept telling me, “I never even knew about raw foods. How did I get to be this age and not know ANY of this stuff?” She was heavily dependent on a cane when she came, but after a month of detoxing, she had lost over 30 lbs. and was walking outside without a cane.

7. Tina, my age, an inner-city, single African-American mom of a teenager, a professional engineer, with many health complaints doctors cannot seem to diagnose. “I just don’t feel good,” she announced, introducing herself. She was overwhelmed by all the information and the first three days’ diet, because she said, “I can’t do this at home.” She was a changed woman by the time I left—actively seeking a support group in Columbus, OH. Tina’s only close friend died a year ago. This friend was a healthy weight and ate a high-nutrition diet, but her arm had swelled up. A doctor told her, despite a clean mammogram, that it was a rare form of breast cancer. He told her to show up the next day for chemo, and “don’t go on the internet.” Just months later Tina’s formerly vibrant, healthy friend died of the chemotherapy’s massive toxicity. Tina has not recovered from the blow. I spent some very emotional time with Tina, whose detox symptoms were severe, but her feeling of wellbeing afterwards was significant, too.

8. Priscilla and Gordon. Gordon beat testicular cancer 4 years ago and manages it with a raw diet. Priscilla has some health challenges including massive inflammation in her foot due to a surgery when she was a toddler. She has been to a few other detox clinics and says, “This is the best one I’ve been to. They made me wheat grass juice foot baths for my condition and I tried to tip the employees–they wouldn’t accept it! The became my personal friends. They’re more free with the wheat grass here than other places, and the people are nicer here, more nurturing.”

Nutritionist and former CHI director Joyce Oliveto taught us a guest lecture on nutrition. She said it takes 120 – 150 days for cells in our bloodstream to be replaced. Eighty percent of the cells in your body will be replaced in the next 12 months. As cells change, cravings decline. Your cells begin to recognize, accept, and even love and crave living plant foods. If you’re overwhelmed at first, as Tina was, remember, as she shared with us later—life is constant change. You can change for the better, or for the worse: it is entirely your choice.

What does that mean for cancer? Chemo damages every single cell in the body, alters DNA, dangerously damages liver function. I have been studying and talking to docs all over the world who are treating cancer successfully, using only methods that support the immune system for long-term survival. A wise idea for anyone with the means to leave for 5 or 10 days and spend a little money (THIS is the rainy day you’ve been saving for, if you are ill, OR if you’re healthy and would like to stay that way!) is to plan and attend a detox & rebuild.

Go with an open heart and mind and a big notebook. It’s part revival (you’ll say grace together and do all kinds of rituals), part spa, and part holistic health treatment. Prepare to be reborn.