Creative Health Institute, part 1 of 5

I’m home from Hodunk, Michigan!

I’ve just returned from a phenomenal experience at Creative Health Institute, in Hodunk, Michigan. It’s my first stop in a tour over the next year studying non-toxic ways people treat themselves.

In this blog series, I have people’s astonishing real stories, some fabulous recipes, and a bunch of videos including me wearing a wheat-grass face mask.

CHI is one of the oldest “homes” of the late Ann Wigmore, who was a genius far ahead of her time. Her work was one of the first things I studied in my 20’s as I began my nutritional quest for health. Check out my video today about the basics of her work.

CHI has a rich history. It was founded by Don Houghey, who healed himself using Wigmore’s therapies. He died in a lumber-mill fire just across the street from CHI, nine months ago. He’d sold the facility to Lonnie Avra, who also regained his health at CHI but sadly, died in a plane crash very recently, and now his sons are the owners. Bobby Morgan is the current director, and he’s a survivor of throat, tongue and thyroid cancer, and he now stays uber-well on a raw, plant-based diet.

The program I went to was a 10-day Detox and Rebuild. On my itinerary in the coming year, I am visiting places and interviewing experts, scientists, and docs from Hodunk to West Palm Beach to Malaga, Spain. But I cannot imagine that I am going to encounter a better value for your money than you get at CHI–whether you are struggling with a major illness or you are healthy and just wanting a great detox and rebuild experience.

Do this rather than a “spa” week, because the rejuvenation you’ll get starts on the inside, with organs of elimination, where it matters most. And what shows on the outside is a reflection of what happens inside–you’ll look better as a result of a true detox than any facial scrub, massage, and steam room will achieve. (A nice benefit, for most people, is that folks lose an average of a pound a day at CHI!)

Our main teacher at CHI (in Director Bobby Morgan’s absence), Madeleine, was 67 and is fit, healthy, and energetic because she’s taken impressively good care of her temple. She’s the perfect example of someone who walks the talk.

Remember, prevention is so much easier than treatment! Everyone should detox once a year. For about $2300 at CHI for 10 days, you get lodging in a beautiful setting. (CHI told me they have an affiliate program where I’d get $200 for each person I refer, but you can have it, if you go. Say you’re a GSG reader and they’ll give you that $200 off your price!)

The accommodations are 2 star, but it’s comfortable and clean, and the group areas are really very nice, the private rooms adequate. (Don’t save $300 by sharing a bathroom–you will want your own, trust me! Get a room in the basement if possible in the summer, if you like to sleep in a cold room. Take earplugs to sleep because the walls are thin. If you’re newlyweds, get the room in the far back that will give you the best privacy. And don’t plan on hotel services–no maid making your bed or cleaning the bathroom! That said, at least you don’t have to take your own sheets or sleep in log cabins. It’s all perfectly comfortable.)

That’s a spectacular price for what you get. At $210/day with your GSG discount, that’s less than you spend on most vacations where there is little benefit to your health besides the R&R.