Special Deal on Green Smoothies! (locals only)

You know there’s a GreenSmoothieGirl bar inside the Roxberry stores in Highland and American Fork, right? ALL OF SEPTEMBER, all you have to do is say you’re a GSG reader, and you’ll get $1 off any green smoothie:

5406 W. 11000 N. Highland

484 N. 850 W. A.F. (with a drive-thru)

We’ll be giving away some smoothies in our raffle at my free classes this week in OREM and SANDY. (I’m also teaching in LAYTON this week.) Make sure your friends and family know to sign up, because it’ll be at least January before I do it again.

Here’s my video I did inside the Highland store with owner Holly. She was having trouble with her blood hemoglobin and brought it up from 12.0 to 14.0, drinking green smoothies. Even better, her husband Mark dropped his cholesterol 30 points from 220 down to 190. (His family had told him high cholesterol was genetic and he had to take drugs for it. I have been hearing this “wisdom” in other families as well–including from Dr. Michelle Jorgenson’s husband, whose family had dozens of heart attacks. Then Steve dropped his cholesterol 65 points just eating whole foods and GS!)

So let Roxberry do the work, if you’re in the Northern Utah County area.