What can I do about pesticides? If you missed the webinar…..

Did you miss our webinar about how to get all the pesticides and herbicides off all your greens, veggies, fruit, and even MEAT if you eat it? (We’ve got over 160 chemicals sprayed on our food these days, and water/veg soap or even bleach removes only about 60%.)

This solution uses no chemicals. It’s inexpensive and easy.

It’s so brilliant. I’ve known about ozonation for years. I understand it as a way of cleaning the atmosphere, a way of cleaning your carpets, and more. It has many industrial applications.

But how exciting that it’s been miniaturized! I love mine—it’s giving me peace of mind, especially with my soft-skin fruit when I cannot get it organic.

Now all we need is a giant zapper to eliminate the most evil corporation on the planet: Monsanto. (They’re now breeding Roundup right into the seeds. Some fruits have pesticides INSIDE the fruit. I will be finding the best ways for us to get involved to stop the GMO, seed-monopolies, and pesticide-excess madness and keeping you apprised.)

Anyway, in addition to getting rid of all the external chemicals, it kills all viruses and bacteria, too, including e Coli! And you can ozonate water to be a very effective cleaner of pretty much any surface in your home (and also the carpet, upholstery).

Here’s my mini-report on it (this report has been removed because it is outdated), so you can learn about it quickly and easily. Especially check out the photos of how fruit lasts up to 4x longer when you treat it in the ozonation.

Enjoy! I have mine in my kitchen the past couple of months and I love the peace of mind it’s given me, eating a plant-based diet that does utilize some conventional (non-organic) produce. Very exciting–possibly the best thing I’ve found in the 4 years since I put the GSG site up. (Thanks to reader Donna H. in California who traveled several hours to my class, partly so she could tell me about this invention.)

Note: we no longer sell the Lotus Sanitizer in our store.