Why do I get constipated or not lose weight on green smoothies? Part 2 of 2

So, “cleansing reactions” can happen two months or six months or even six years later. They can even happen—on a much milder scale—when your engine is very clean because you’ve completely transitioned to a high-raw diet and eat 5% or less processed food and animal proteins.

Personal example. I drank 4 oz. of wheat grass juice (very potent and medicinal, and 4 oz. is a LOT) every day, for two months recently. (Until my 4-wheeling accident where I wasn’t able to drive for 10 days.) I noticed my skin breaking out during the second week of that period, a very common detox reaction.

A couple of weeks later, one day I had 4 oz. in the morning and then 4 oz. again at night, and I got a brain fog and slight headache. (I never get headaches!) That’s my body trying to process so much elimination that occurs through many channels, when it gets some power fuel to work with.

EVERYONE needs to detox. You breathe polluted air, you experience stress—both of which have physical byproducts in the body—and nobody’s diet is “perfect.” My brain fog was mild and lasted about an hour. (The skin breakout lasted a few days.)

The longer you’ve been eating the S.A.D., and the worse your diet, and the weaker your inherited constitution, the more likely you are to have ROUGH detoxing.

If a “cleansing reaction” lasts longer than 2 weeks, generally you may be looking at a food sensitivity. These issues are now epidemic because of so many ways we degenerate the gut. I think the top of the list is probably genetically modified grains causing so many people to be celiac or have lesser gluten intolerances. (Monsanto is now breeding pesticides into SEEDS and using the legal system to bully farmers out of stockpiling non-genetically-modified, or “heirloom,” seeds.)

Mark my words: this epidemic is going to continue to explode until MOST people have major gut issues. Many people who think they’re fine NOW will be diagnosed later.

The way out is to stop attacking our own pancreas, thyroid, digestive tract, kidneys, liver, heart, and blood pathways with chemicals and fake foods. The way out is to return to eating what people ate since the dawn of time, before these diseases began just three generations ago. Grow our own food, support local organic co-ops.

But far too much animal protein and too little plant fiber has surely contributed to much of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Leaky Gut, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr and other fatigue and degenerative gut issues affecting so many of us.

You know little kids with Crohn’s? Me too. We’re passing down our degenerated DNA to our babies.

Aahh, I’ve gone sideways. What do you do if you’re not losing weight, if you’re constipated, even though you’re drinking green smoothies?

The answers? Rest. Drink a lot more water. Slow your program down for a brief period of time. Add some fresh ginger to your smoothies. Before you get out of bed in the morning, deeply massage your transverse colon (preferably with a tennis ball, but your hands will work), starting lower right in your pelvis, straight up to the level of your navel, across to a couple inches inside the left hipbone, and down.

And grin and bear it, knowing your body is doing good, necessary work, you ARE burning fat, and the discomfort or plateau in weight loss is temporary.

First and foremost, stay the course and remember, this too shall pass. It is an immutable law that when you replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie, high-nutrition foods (green smoothies!), weight loss will follow if you are overweight.

If you’re still not losing weight, get a FULL BLOOD PANEL workup at a hormone clinic specializing in bio-identical hormones (rather than synthetic). Even if your doctor told you that your T3 was in the “normal” range. You may need a broader-spectrum blood test. You can even start the most natural way, taking a couple of kelp tablets a day (nourishing the thyroid with iodine). The bioidenticals are cheaper and work better anyway, and they cover T1, T2, T3, and T4, broader spectrum hormones, from a natural (dessicated animal glandular) source rather than giving you a synthetic drug with its inevitable side effects. If your thyroid isn’t working, with its complex interplay of hormones, you can’t metabolize food effectively and lose weight.

(Actually look at TOMORROW’S blog for part 1, we messed that up while I’ve been out of town…..)

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  1. Robyn, I’m one of those people who didn’t loose any weight drinking Green Smoothies but now I am! I’ve lost 6 pounds just in this last week.

    I’ve been drinking GS for 6 months now. I’ve gone through the brain fog, some fatigue early on and skin rashes, but those didn’t last long at all. My overall feeling is fabulous…I have lots of energy, and feel awesome! I can’t not have my GS everyday…LOVE them!!

    I don’t know why I’m loosing the weight now, but I’m grateful! You are the best thing I’ve discovered in a very long time! Thanks for your message of good health and making it so easy for us to achieve success!

    Love you!!!

  2. Hi Robyn,

    Was wondering how dairy falls into the “animal protein” area. Should we eliminate to help heal our gut? Or is it okay in moderation? What about dairy as related to weight loss?

    Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the great info Robyn. Where is part 1?
    May we have a pic and update on Tennyson? We all hope hes almost transformed back into his handsomeness : )

  4. It has truly taken 11 months for me to feel the positive effects of a daily GS habit…now dropping weight, energized, no “bad-food” cravings, satisfied with less volume of food, consistent & painless elimination, hypertension subsiding, hormones balancing…YEE.HAW!

    I started with small, sporadic steps to the daily 3-4 cups of GS, and for recent 3 months incorporating Steps 2 thru 7 & 10. My “system” seemed to take a few steps forward, then it would rebel and cause me discomfort, but I stayed on track and it would again respond positively. Now I evaluate the journey to date, and see what an amazing education it has provided about “ME”…what a huge difference in my overall well-being! At 57 yr.old it is such a blessing to finally live well, physically & mentally. So grateful to you, Robyn!

    QUESTION? I have started adding 1/4 beet & 10 baby carrots to my GS. . .this could only enhance the benefits of the straight greens, correct? Why does my BlendTec not ever get all the beet/carrot liquified?? Is there a secret blending technique???

    1. Jan, blend the most fibrous, toughest things FIRST in the water, like carrots and greens and beets. 🙂 Great addition. So glad to hear you’re discovering great health at 57! It does not always happen instantaneously, but it DOES happen.

  5. Dena,

    I find that consuming fluid milk or non-cultured/fresh cheese gives me all kinds of problems with allergies and digestion. I don’t have any problems with Greek yoghurt, kefir, and well aged cheeses. I find Kefir to be especially beneficial to digestion.

  6. I am glad you mentioned the thyroid issues Robyn. I have been drinking green smoothies for a year now. For the past 3 months, high raw. I haven’t lost any weight, even with running 15 miles a week and low cal diet. My thyroid is even optimized with medication. I do feel better though. I have had to let go of weight loss as a goal, focusing rather on increased energy and less inflammation. If you ever find a thyroid sufferer who finds the key to weight loss, let me know!

  7. Robyn, I have seen your talks a couple of times in Orem. They are execellent. I even sent two friends to see you up in Oregon. But I am stumped, trying to lose weight and it doesn’t come off! It is discouraging. You mentioned once to me that it could be hormonal. I did have my blood level checked and they say (2 doctors and 1 natropathic physician) that it is fine although it looks low to me. And I always check off 75+% of the answers on questions about low thyroid indicating that’s what I have. I am going to be 65 years old, have had breast cancer once (that is not in my family to my knowledge), and have degeneration in my back from scoliosis. I hurt all the time so exercise is limited even though I try and get a schedule to use the treadmill and recliner bike in the basement. I have not yet bought your book (12 steps) due to expenses although I have used green smoothies on and off over the past year…religiously 2 different times with no weight loss; then getting discouraged and confused. My question is who in Utah County do you recommend to treat your bioidentical imbalances? I will look into it but only found 1 doctor in Logan , I think.

  8. Robyn: I’m one of your constipation/no weight loss GSG advocates. I started drinking green smoothies consistently in May, take my VitaMix with me everywhere. Drink at least a quart per day. Drinking Life Ionizer water always (60-80 oz daily). Am about 90% vegetarian, eating fish or chicken , occasionally. Doctor has tested for thyroid, results were normal. When testing for hypoglycemia, they always want me fasting, so I asked about further testing. Still to come…but I’m not stopping my pursuit of figuring this out. Colonoscopy – results normal. I’m incorporating the 12 steps into our eating habits. Step 2 & 3 were easy. The others are taking a little longer.

    Question: If I’m drinking Alkaline water consistently, why not take prescription meds with the same water? Also, where can I get kelp tablets?

    Thanks for your positive, informative, uplifting website.

  9. Would love to see you do a demonstration of the morning gut massage for helping constipation. Can’t quite figure it out with your description.

    1. Suzanne, will do, very soon—I actually had it on a list of videos to make! Watch for it, subscribe on YouTube.

  10. Hi, I have been on a smoothie fast for four days now but have not had a bowel movement. Is this normal? If not, what can I do to help this along or do I need to just give more time?

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