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An open letter to practitioners of Oncology

Dear Oncology Practitioner:

Let’s lay down the weapons, and take up a flashlight instead. Let’s shine the light on whether cutting, burning, and poisoning really work. Let’s care about the human body’s sanctity, and the need we have for our immune system for the rest of our lives, more than we care about debate, defensiveness, and who’s right.

Let’s walk through a cancer ward and look, really look, at the patients. Burned, scarred, mutilated, missing their breasts or their digestive system, bald, jaundiced, crumbling bones, humbled to the depths, broken.

I’ve read about the high rate of burnout in your profession. It must be a difficult and dismal job.

The rancor and vitriolic debate over drugs versus non-toxic protocols: is it in the interest of public health? Can’t we open up to the possibility that diet plays a massive role not only in whether we get cancer in the first place, but in how we eliminate it and return to health?

It’s not a “quack” concept. It’s logical, grounded in tradition and science, and you will get comfortable with it only if you truly study it. That will involve reading books not available in medical school coursework.

I plead with you to stop telling your patients to drink Ensure and McDonald’s milkshakes. I’m asking you to consider the wisdom of telling them it doesn’t matter what they eat.

(How would your car run if you poured a McDonald’s milkshake in it?)

Will you read Joel Fuhrman’s seminal book Eat to Live, and then come talk to me about whether you can really say that diet makes no difference? Please take the time to read the literature documenting powerful things outside your medical education, that can make a profound difference in your patients’ lives.

Be prepared to be blown away by Dr. Fuhrman’s synthesis of hundreds of studies. They add up, he says, to more evidence that a plant-based diet prevents cancer, than we have evidence that smoking causes lung cancer. The evidence has become utterly voluminous, and it’s unconscionable to tell your patients their diet does not matter.

After you learn something about this huge body of literature and evidence and practices, please take a little time to teach your patients, because they will do what you say. Most of them hang their lives on the words that come out of your mouth.

Please lay down the weapon of insisting that until massive large-scale research studies are done, you won’t listen. Be part of ascertaining how we can accomplish those studies, since some vastly powerful industries will oppose it, and no industry has any financial interest in funding it.

Those who venture outside of Big Pharma’s methods are toiling on behalf of their patients, making very little money, without access to the means to undertake and publish double-blinded, placebo-controlled, longitudinal, peer-review-journal-published studies.

Few are “preying on the desperate.” Few are “quacks.” Like you, they want nothing more than to see people recover from cancer.

Instead of completely dismissing the idea, for instance, of Max Gerson’s or Ann Wigmore’s that drinking many green juices and carrot juices daily, and opening up the release mechanisms of organs of elimination, can starve out cancer and jump-start sluggish immune function—will you truly open your eyes to the thousands of living cancer survivors you can find all over the internet and in some studies who employed methods such as these?

Please stop insisting that because someone lived, after chemotherapy and radiation, that they were “cured” by those treatments. (And, fair enough, natural practitioners cannot claim the same! But their facilities are not war zones full of the walking wounded who’ve been crushed by the “cure.” So we may as well look carefully at what they’re doing rather than being haughty and dismissive.)

The statistics for your methods are disheartening. The survival rate for those who undergo the burning and poisoning methods, are not higher than the survival rates for those who do nothing. Especially when we look at the numbers games played with the statistics. And the chemo/radiation patient is then at massively higher risk of the cancer returning—having been treated with carcinogenic chemicals and radioactive burning waves. And our friends and family, the cancer patients, are wide open to any number of other health problems occurring because of the lethal damage done to them, body and spirit.

Please envision with me a world where everyone’s main goal is to find the truth, whatever its source. Maybe there is a limited place for chemotherapy—maybe the less toxic, more targeted, methods such as IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) can be more effective, combined with preventative nutritional and supplementation strategies to change and heal malfunctioning cell metabolism and immune systems.

I believe we’ll start to solve the cancer epidemic only when the practitioners demand more from the cancer industry. I’m hoping that we can come together for the sake of the millions currently being treated for cancer and millions more in the future.

—Robyn Openshaw

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