All I think about is cancer….the treatment options….part 2 of 7

I have been in the early stages of planning my next huge project. We are going to tackle the subject of how to educate people about NON-TOXIC TREATMENT OF CANCER.

I will be visiting quite a few clinics that specialize in “alternative health” means to treat cancer without chemotherapy and radiation. Some employ a raw-food diet. Others focus more on spiritual healing. I am going to check in and undergo their treatment. Utilizing modalities that heal the “broken” immune system and support it to do its natural work to eradicate cancer cells.

I will study and report on efficacious ways to eliminate cancer that do not involve attacking and weakening the immune system. We will build a web site, as well as film a documentary (with Kels, my Green Smoothie Girl Makeover partner–we have wrapped filming and are in production with our TV show).

I am scheduled to check into some of the clinics below and hope to get into the rest, for my research. If you are a cancer patient, or know one, who would like to go with me to one of these clinics, PLMK by writing support123 at Although you’ll need to pay for your stay, I’m pretty sure you’ll get the royal treatment, going with me to experience and study what they do! I would like to document your experience with the various methods. Here’s my wish list—and since I’ve not yet gotten into 3 of them, also PLMK if you have the ear of a director at any of these clinics!

The Gerson Institute (California / Mexico)

Creative Health Institute (Michigan)

Oasis of Hope Hospital, Contreras Clinic (Mexico)

An Oasis of Healing (Arizona)

Optimum Health Institute (California)

Tree of Life (Arizona)

Hippocrates Institute (California)

We all have cancer cells. It’s just a matter of whose immune function goes “down for the count” so that cancer gets the upper hand.

These clinics practice radically different approaches from modern oncology’s modalities, which are limited to technology, chemicals, and radiation.

I will be writing about CANCER for the next several days. Stay tuned. Virtually everyone reading this blog has been touched by cancer. I’m told it’s usually not a terrible way to die–rather peaceful, and you have time to get your affairs in order and say goodbye.

My observation of the practice of oncology, though, is that it is brutal, inhumane, its side effects often lethal. It isn’t exactly true to the Hippocratic Oath: “First, Do No Harm.”

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  1. Hello and GOD bless you! This promises to be a true lifesaver for many that have or may develop cancer.

    Thank you for your dedication to learning all you can to help humanity!!

  2. Thks for such great initiative. I will definitely follow you, even though am not in the US. I have been reading these days about alternative cancer treatments, every approaches can be complementary as long as they don’t ground on destruction and acidification of the tissues – and look for the deep causes. Thks again, AJ.

  3. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago today. During this past year I had been going to different alternative doctors but unfortunately my cancer has gotten worse. I am getting ready to start chemo, but i still have hope that there may be something out there that will work for me without having to go through it.

    I live in New York, and I would like for you to please send me information regarding the non-toxic treatment of cancer.



  4. Oh my heavens Robyn, this is AMAZING stuff!! I am soooooo anxious to see the outcome of this experience! You are a remarkable, gifted woman who truly has the ability to educate and reach countless people! So many just hand their lives over to whom they have been “led” (false traditions of their fathers) to trust!! Bless you, for being in tune with mind, body and soul……..

  5. I know that you will ignore what I am stating to you here. I have the NON TOXIC “chemo” protocol which are OTC vitamins and suppliments. Whereas, cancer is acidic, I chose an alkaline diet. The Budwig Diet FOCC. DMSO in a 3 : 1 mixture with Sodium Bicarbonate, aka, baking soda (pH 14). There is NO NEED to spend outrageous sums to attend a clinic.

    “The cancer CURE is in your grocery store.”

    Sincerely, Bruce Chesley

  6. I applaud you! I recently researched these as well. We buried my brother last week – lung cancer, that spread to the brain, lymph nodes and spine following 4 sessions of chemo and 5 sessions of radiation-funded by the VA. I lost a 7 year old nephew 20 years ago and many friends over the last 2-3 years. Best of luck spreading the word!!!

  7. Check out Bellavida in Lodi, CA by ModernManna with Danny Vierra.

    Also consider Dr. Richard Schulze’s at home treatment. The Incurables Programs at

  8. Please be VERY careful about the clinics in Mexico (many listed in California treat the cancer in a clinic in Mexico). Not only do I have an insider view of these clinics from a patient’s view (my mother) but I also worked for one. Many of them are filled with empty promises that are made to vunerable people desperate to be healed. Please be careful. There are good alternative clinics in the States that have better records and the patients are better protected.

  9. Hi “green lady”, happy to see you undertaking this information as it is so desperately needed for people to make healthier choices!!

    There is a book I just finished I thought you might want to check out too!

    “Anti Cancer A New Way of Life” David Servan-Schreiber

    As he had brain cancer twice & a rather well-known doc up in CA he started to figure the “old” ways just of conventional medicine were just not ‘cutting’ it for building & maintaining health!

    Of course, we KNOW that ..but great that you are sharing & researching more!! go!!

    In Health & Healing

  10. FYI, my mom just died of cancer 2 months ago. I had researched these clinics to the max but could not get my mom to go. I would encourage you to try the Issels Clinic (Santa Barbara and Tijuana) as well. That one was high on my list.

    Another one is Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez whose success is based upon the research of Dr. Kelley so many years ago. His specialty seems to be pancreatic cancer.

    Dr. Burzynski in Texas specializes in brain cancer but is not allowed to give alternative treatment without or before chemo/radiation.

    What I found in common with all of the clinics were dietary changes and detoxification is a crucial part of the protocol.

    I would go with you in a heartbeat because these are the words to me in my last birthday card from my mom 6 weeks before she died “keep going strong and helping others get away from all those harmful chemicals”. And I intend to do just that.

    Best of luck on your journey, Heck you ought to be the cleanest healthiest person when you are finished!

  11. I just wrote down all the alternative cancer clinics in America/Mexico, into my little health notebook. This is a start. For years, I’ve told myself that I would go alternative, and NOT undergo invasive mainstream cancer treatment practices, should I contract cancer. Thank you Robyn!

  12. I just got the book Nourishing Traditions and, although I have also read the China Study, I am feeling a little concerned that I am not feeding my children properly or myself while I am nursing and will be pregnant again eventually. I feel like we are still having issues with food sensitivites and strange rashes, although they are less and the seasonal allergies are gone. I just wonder if I’m missing something. I’m sure that all the antibiotics that we used to do are still affecting them or at least their bodies are still trying to recover (It’s been about 8 months since we last did antibiotics and I don’t intend to ever shove them down my poor childrens’ throats again). Anyway, I’m just wondering what is specifically recommended for children and nursing or pregnant mommies. Till what age do you give them raw goat milk (I am excited to get some this weekend)? I know you do eggs and butter in recipes. Should I do more eggs and butter than a typical person for my children and myself? We have been doing 12 steps since March or April. We follow all of them except fermented vegetables (we do kefir) and alkaline water (we use a Brita filter). I guess I just need some reassurance. 🙂

    Oh, and I have found that all the places that list alkaline/acid causing foods differ on the foods listed. Some grains are alkaline on your list but not on someone elses list, same with legumes. What is with that?

  13. I want to get some of your recipes and what can help repair damaged immune. We have autoimmune in my family. My son has type 1 diabetes which is also autoimmune.

  14. Robyn,

    Thank You for putting a voice out there about the truths of nutrition and that STUPID pink ribbon. So sad what people allow the Western Medicine to do to them and their thinking.

    Love you and your work,

    Cheryl S

  15. What a GREAT thing to do! You will only help so many more people!

    I also wonder if at some point you could use your influence to help the huge group of women who can’t get pregnant and can’t figure out why??? Or the women who are sick for their entire pregnancy. I don’t think these women (some are friends I’m watching) realize how the things they are doing to their body logically wouldn’t support a healthy fetus and that it could be the reason??? Or that being sick for the first 3 months or the entire 9 does not have to happen. I have one friend who I know lives on meat (she loves wendy’s chicken nuggets) and Diet Coke and can’t figure out why she’s so deathly -can’t get out of bed- sick right now while she’s pregnant. I told her I could bring her a green smoothie and she just rolled her eyes at me. So sad she’s not willing to try.

    I am pregnant as well right now, and became pregnant right at Christmas, which also happened to be when I got my Blendtec I had been wanting. We’ve had green smoothies (my family of 5) every day since and I have to say this has been my easiest pregnancy (of the 4) by far! I’ve always eaten fairly healthy, but I’ve learned SO much from you and it has truly enhanched my health! I haven’t gained as much weight and it feels great! Anyway, thanks for making a difference in the world!

  16. I’m a long term vegan (and Raw). . beginning my 27th year vegan. . and 6 years Raw.

    I’ve been to Creative Health Institute a number of years ago. . if I can share any information with you, I’d be glad to. They’re now calling it the “New Creative Health Institute”. since Don passed away . don’t know why. . I really liked the Old Creative Health Institute. . Anne Wigmore’s program changed my life in ways I never knew could happen. . They certainly cannot improve on her ways.. which I thought were the best for my needs..

    And Gabriel Cousens at Tree is awesome… but his secretary / office manager is a total goof, jerk, call him what you will. . I cannot believe Gabriel would have someone like that working in that environment of what is supposed to be a healing center. If you go there you’ll soon find out what I mean, unless he’s on his best behaviour. . if he has such a thing. (doubtful!!)

    Oasis of Healing, Gerson and Hippocrates are all WONDERFUL!!!

    Enjoy your journey.

  17. Hello Robyn, Just found your blog thru Kris Carr’s website (Metastatic Breast Cancer Babes). I’m a stage IV breast cancer survivor — still going thru treatments — initial cancer in 1998 and recurrence in 2007. I live in Tucson Arizona and if you need a ‘tag along’ please let me know.

    1. Carol, I do want you to come along. Please write us at support at and let me know if you’d like to go to Gerson, OHI, Tree of Life, Oasis of Hope, or Hippocrates!

  18. great Job.
    doctors in Europe know, chemotherapy is no cure.

    Alternative medicinw is the way to go. Starting with healthy nutrition

  19. Sarah, the alkaline/acid charts do differ, I have noticed that. Just eat as much as possible from the highly alkaline list, eliminate all the foods that are highly acidic, and eat in moderation only the WHOLE FOODS that fall in the middle ranges.

    Does that sound reasonable?

    Feed them raw goat milk as long as you want to! And best if you feed it to them as homemade KEFIR. DEfinitely get that going DAILY and let me know if this winter is a godsend for you, with far fewer bacterial and viral infections!

    (And, we eat butter and ONLY organic/free range eggs very sparingly. No, you don’t need MORE of those, and I will usually use an egg replacer of 1 Tbsp. chia soaked in 3 Tbsp. water rather than an egg.)

  20. Their is a man who works with cancer patients here on Staten

    Island. A dr. Fred bisci. He has worked with a friend of mine and many other using the raw food approach. He is a wonderful, 80 year old, 40 year raw food eater. If you are ever interested in meeting him i am sure it would be worthwhile. I know he travels a lot so perhaps he would meet you somewhere, although it would be great if you came here :).

    1. Christine, I am told Dr. Bisci refers patients to Creative Health Institute in Michigan, where I’ll be checking in (with a cancer patient reader) at the end of this month! I’d love to know him personally!

  21. Dear Robin,

    My husband has melanoma that started in December 2007. He is at the point now that the doctors can do nothing else. I have had him on green smoothies for at least the last two years. He went under several kinds of chemo from all the Clinical Trials he was in and was never sick. They would insist that he get a prescription for nausea and we did the first time but he never had to take it, and after that we didn’t even get the prescription filled. I didn’t realize until reading something you said about your grandmother, that the reason he never got sick was because of the green smoothies!

    We now are looking into holistic cures, and while we would love to go to one of these clinics with you, I’m afraid we couldn’t afford them as I don’t believe that our hospitalization would cover it. Do you have any idea what the cost of any of these clinics would be? It’s a shame that if it should come down to money that only the rich can afford to survive, and what a shame that hospitalization we pay for, will not cover our choices.

    Thanks so much for doing this.

    Best of Luck to you,

    1. Peggy. They range from $2200 for the whole treatment (usually about 10 days inpatient, and that includes lodging) to $15,000. It is a shame that your insurance has no interest in anything non-toxic! Please come with me to one of the clinics, both of you, if you can pull it off.

  22. What a great idea! I’ve read various accounts of these different clinics, most often in Mexico. But to go and actually do their programs and let others know all about them is really a great thing to do for all of us, especially those of us who have long term illnesses and try to do all the “right” things but cannot get to the level of healing that we long for. I’ve done almost every treatment, holistic & otherwise, over the past 23 years; but please be careful of the “New Age” treatments. There is sometimes a spiritual component that isn’t of God and we don’t want to mess with that. (See Ankerberg & Weldon’s books on the subject). Much success in your endeavors, Robyn. I was fun to have you at Lassens in Thousand Oaks a few months ago.

  23. Shauna Frazier sent me your information and I am very interested in what you have to offer. My 14-year-old son has been diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer. We are running out of options for his treatment and the chemotherapy isn’t doing much except for making him pretty sick. I would like to know more about green smoothies and the alternative cancer treatments you are looking into. If you have time, you could reach me at (801) 390-0204, or email me at the above address. Thank you so much for your time!

  24. Why can’t I read the comments? I really enjoy reading all the comments but I can’t in the past two days or so…

  25. I did the “gerson therapy” and went to their clinic in Mexico. I was diagnosed with 3rd stage NHlymphoma; I’m now in remission; would love to share my story, experience and how my whole perception of health has changed through this journey, and before this “journey” I thought I ate healthy! WOW, what a wake up call I got.

    1. Doreen, I would love to hear more about your story! Please write us at support123 at Thank you!

  26. Wow, wow, wow! This is great stuff Robin – good for you! I’m so glad you are out there doing this research and sharing it with us. Thank you!

  27. Robin: so happy your doing this study. Someone mentioned going to True North with Dr. Goldhammer. I was there about 8 years ago to get rid of a large fibroid tumer. I was there 6 weeks. 4 weeks of water fasting. Then 2 weeks of juicing. It worked. I do now though prefer juicing and green smoothies. Water fasting is very drastic. So happy with what I have learned since then and love your smoothie program. When I went to True North I knew nothing about raw foods. Come such a long way. I will love hearing about your study. Keep up the good work!


  28. Hi Robyn,

    I was diagnosed in Feb 2011 with early stage breast cancer. My doctor recommended a partial mastectomy, chemo and radiation. I declined treatment and started the Gerson Therapy in Tijuana, Mexico in March 2011. I am still on the therapy (almost completed 6 months) and am feeling quite well. I have been blogging my experience ( and have another follow-up at the end of this month to see how the tumours are doing. I feel confident that Gerson is working as I am providing it the tools to heal itself.

    Thank-you for your great website and information.

    Kind Regards.

  29. I have lupus and am trying hard to stay off of steroids and anti-malarial drugs. Thanks to finding your site, Robyn, between the green smoothies and alkaline water, I have seen a big improvement. 6 months ago I could barely get out of bed. That doesn’t work when you have 4 kids to chase around. I still have a long way to go to heal and a lot of bad food habits and addictions to overcome, but I am convinced that what I have been putting in my body for the past 30+ years is what put me in this physical hell. When I talked to my doctor about diet, he shrugged and said it wouldn’t make much difference. I now know he was wrong. I am a nurse with the whole American health system and all the drugs that go along with it firmly entenched in my brain. I am slowly mucking it all out. I recently watched the movie “Food Matters” which led me to research Gerson. A couple days later, I read your post about your plans. I’m looking forward to the results. I’m seriously considering their program myself. I consider the day I found your website divinely inspired and a huge blessing in my life. I’ve been spreading the green smoothie love ever since. Thank you!

  30. Please check out Bella Vita in Lodi, run by Danny Vierra. He has the heart of a teacher and is helping people become whole again from various maladies including cancer. You can find his website at or friend him on Facebook. He is a gem.

  31. Robyn, I will email you with pro’s and con’s of my experience with Gerson. I just want people to know that doing the gerson therapy is not easy at all, and actually almost impossible to do everything they recommend. No matter how people choose to heal their cancer (unhealthy body) it’s not easy. I DO NOT recommend going to their clinic in Mexico; get their books or hire a gerson practitioner instead. The clinic was $11,000.00 (way overpriced especially for TJ Mexico); norwalk juicer $2,400.00 (for the amount of juices you have to do over a long period of time, well worth it), they have a van to transport you to clinic and charge you a ridiculous expense fee… (fortunately I live in San Diego, so my hubby and I walked across the border and took a $10.00 taxi to the clinic) etc , etc. etc…, and that’s before even starting the 2 year treatment and eating and juicing; much more to share over my 2+ year journey now with hindsight and being proactive in my healing through research, research and research, and finding what worked for me; I wished the lymphoma society would have donated to me to help me pay for this very, very expensive way of healing instead of to the “traditional ways”; and donate to all of us who are using “alternative” ways of healing, because initially none of the “alternative clinics” are cheap

  32. Oh I wholeheartedly support nutrition in dealing with cancer. Being a nurse and one who infuses chemo on cancer patients, I find that none of them are educated in any type of alternative treatment or nutritional therapy. I have made it my goal to teach them the benefits of healing through nutrition. Unfortunately so many of them are of the mindset that only chemo and whatever the doctor says are the only way they can be healed. What a very sad thing to believe! I personally know otherwise, but one has to have the faith to believe in something other than using poison to kill a disease. Good luck with all of your efforts! Boy would I love the opportunity to jump on that bus and be there with you! You go girl! Cindy

  33. My mother has primary mylofibrosis,scarring of the bone marrow. I am watching her die before my eyes and it is slowly tearing me apart. I am holistic and have tried diet and greens for her but she no longer produces red blood cells so nothing is helping. She is going on an experimental drug this week. I am scared to death. I would gladly spend my last dollar if I knew a clinic which can help her before its to late. She is 78 years old. I am desperate.

    Susan F.

  34. Robyn, I noticed you are planning on coming to Michigan the end of this month. Is there any chance you might be able to speak when you are here. I have so many people that I would love to bring to one of your classes. Please consider it!!!

  35. @Rose. You might find the information in Outsmart Your Cancer by Tayna Pierce very helpful.

    @Greensmoothiegirl- You go girl! This is information the public MUST know about. People who have cancer have options besides chemo, radiation and surgery! Have you seen the documentary “Cancer: The Forbidden Cures” by Massimo Mazzuco? The cures for cancer have been discover more than 80 years ago and the FDA, NCI and AMA have successfuly shut them down all for the love of money.. Its time for the public to know the truth. Chemo only benefits 5% of patients and more people die from the treatment than the disease while Big Pharm makes the $. It is sick and wrong.. God bless your efforts and you will bless many. The truth shall set you free..

  36. We are so inculcated as a society that doctors are ‘gods’ and that what they say is the absolute truth.

    I know from personal experience that many issues, including cancer, can be brought back to a balance within the body using alternative methods rather than going a medical route.

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