All I think about is cancer….the treatment options….part 2 of 7

I have been in the early stages of planning my next huge project. We are going to tackle the subject of how to educate people about NON-TOXIC TREATMENT OF CANCER.

I will be visiting quite a few clinics that specialize in “alternative health” means to treat cancer without chemotherapy and radiation. Some employ a raw-food diet. Others focus more on spiritual healing. I am going to check in and undergo their treatment. Utilizing modalities that heal the “broken” immune system and support it to do its natural work to eradicate cancer cells.

I will study and report on efficacious ways to eliminate cancer that do not involve attacking and weakening the immune system. We will build a web site, as well as film a documentary (with Kels, my Green Smoothie Girl Makeover partner–we have wrapped filming and are in production with our TV show).

I am scheduled to check into some of the clinics below and hope to get into the rest, for my research. If you are a cancer patient, or know one, who would like to go with me to one of these clinics, PLMK by writing support123 at Although you’ll need to pay for your stay, I’m pretty sure you’ll get the royal treatment, going with me to experience and study what they do! I would like to document your experience with the various methods. Here’s my wish list—and since I’ve not yet gotten into 3 of them, also PLMK if you have the ear of a director at any of these clinics!

The Gerson Institute (California / Mexico)

Creative Health Institute (Michigan)

Oasis of Hope Hospital, Contreras Clinic (Mexico)

An Oasis of Healing (Arizona)

Optimum Health Institute (California)

Tree of Life (Arizona)

Hippocrates Institute (California)

We all have cancer cells. It’s just a matter of whose immune function goes “down for the count” so that cancer gets the upper hand.

These clinics practice radically different approaches from modern oncology’s modalities, which are limited to technology, chemicals, and radiation.

I will be writing about CANCER for the next several days. Stay tuned. Virtually everyone reading this blog has been touched by cancer. I’m told it’s usually not a terrible way to die–rather peaceful, and you have time to get your affairs in order and say goodbye.

My observation of the practice of oncology, though, is that it is brutal, inhumane, its side effects often lethal. It isn’t exactly true to the Hippocratic Oath: “First, Do No Harm.”