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locals: I’m doing my free class in SEPTEMBER, last time in 2011

Hi, we just posted FREE classes for

OREM, September 6 (will announce the location later, still working on that!)

LAYTON, September 7

SANDY, September 8

If you haven’t been before, I tell the tale of what happened to my family….because it’s the story, only the details are different, of every American who eats the S.A.D. and then turns away from it: tragedy to miracle! I talk about my research and some great facts and statistics to help you get motivated to spend a little time learning how to change your repertoire to natural, living foods rather than meat-n-processed garbage. We talk about steps that take little time and money but make a huge impact. And I do a little demo and serve samples. I want you and your friends to leave empowered and inspired to make change in your life through small and simple ways.

Check out the GreenSmoothieGirl facebook page, and share the events with your friends. If you refer 15 friends to ANY of my classes, you get a 12 Steps to Whole Foods course manual ($79.95) free.

Notice under Events on the site that we have upcoming Sept/Oct classes in Boise, Kennewick, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. You might have friends in some of those places. That’s how the GSG message has spread—we pay for no advertising, so the movement has grown through word of mouth. (Oh, and Google rank helps!)