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some people hated my Huntsman Cancer Institute blog

I recently wrote my fury at our local world-renowned cancer facility pocketing dollars earned by getting people to peddle around on their bikes, eating up to 18 grease-fried blobs of white flour and sugar.

I’m usually a fan of understatement or at least restraint. I wasn’t mincing any words with that one, though.

Not everybody liked it. On facebook, a reader said,

“Lighten up!” And, “Eat all things in moderation!”

I said, “Don’t eat arsenic in moderation.”

That popular saying gets abused. We shouldn’t eat ALL things in moderation–just good things!

If I say something is unacceptable and I take a stand against it–but it’s mainstream, and everybody’s doing it—I’m “extreme” or a “hater.”

I LOVE it when people call me extreme! Bring it on. (I know the actual “extreme” people.)

Blacks didn’t get civil rights by writing a letter to the editor–they MARCHED ON WASHINGTON. Women didn’t get the vote by timidly raising their hand and asking for it–THEY ROSE UP EN MASSE AND DEMANDED IT. I think we’re gonna have to do something more than lie down and take it, if we’re gonna smack down my Enemy #1, the Standard American Diet.

My running- and tennis-induced plantar fasciitis comes and goes the past 15 months, and it’s not terrible these days. But my physical therapist said, “NEVER EVER wear anything besides support shoes. For three months AFTER the very last time you feel pain in your foot. Don’t even step out of bed and walk to the bathroom without putting those shoes on.”

I’ve been doing that. I have pretty, glitter-toes, pedicured feet—and they are seen by no one. (The only time I wear open-toed shoes is to church and when I speak in public.) I hate it! My legs are tan and my feet are white!

Sounds EXTREME, that treatment, right? But putting a Band-Aid on isn’t going to get rid of plantar fasciitis. Since I refuse to quit pounding my feet on concrete and asphalt, I have to do something serious to rectify an entrenched problem.

Ditto with the food thing. Do you want to get rid of your chronic issues? Do you REALLY?

I got rid of THREE autoimmune diseases, just by changing my diet. Asthma, eczema, and allergies, GONE. Just you wait until my TV show, which we just wrapped, comes out. Each of the families had phenomenal successes by simply making dietary changes. Changes that some would call extreme.

If your body is turning on itself, as it is in the case of those three sets of symptoms called “auto-immune disease” I used to have, that’s an “extreme” reaction the body is having. So we might want to consider doing something others may consider “extreme” to turn it around. (I personally think eating 18 hydrogenated-fat, deep-fried white-flour-and-sugar blobs qualifies as extreme.)   Just sayin’.

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