Drinking his first green smoothie!

Theresa is a GSG reader whose husband Juan works for me. Juan and I did a trade last year: he fixed my vinyl fence that my boys put a dozen holes in with their baseballs. I gave him and his cousin BlendTecs for their wives. Theresa sent me this email and photo recently:

“Ezra (7 ½ months old) drank his first green smoothie (spinach, banana, apple, carrots, frozen mango). He had a very rough day and had not smiled all day. I blended some smoothie up for the rest of us and decided to feed him some on a spoon. This smile was the result. We love green smoothies!”

You’re a great mom, Theresa–and Ezra is ridiculously cute! I love these photos–they brighten my day and make me want to keep spreading my message.