They might laugh, but then they change their tune….part 2 of 2

Second day of his tournament that Ten’s team won yesterday, we had this convo on the way home:

Ten: “That wrap is soooooo good. All the guys on the team ask me if they can have some.”

Me: “Yeah. You know how you always think if you have healthy food people will make fun of you? Sometimes, though……”

Ten: “….they want it!”

We both laugh. It’s so true. (And the next day I buy that veggie wrap for one of the other boys and his coach. I love taking really delicious things that happen to be good for you, to people I like. They are always so surprised when nutritious food is delicious!)

It’s such an easy target, to make fun of the green drink, or the veggie this-or-that. It’s a way to use humor to distance ourselves from the guilt. (If I’m eating a veggie wrap, I’m not trying to make a statement about your potato chips, or be superior, I promise! But people think so, don’t they?)

It’s just mindless, making fun of someone who is eating really healthy when you’re not. So don’t take it personally.

Those same exact people will come out from behind that humor-shield, maybe even tomorrow–or next year when they’re sick of what potato chips have done to them–and ask you for some help, guidance, and encouragement towards better ideas of what to eat.

I know this only because I’ve seen it so many times. Long ago, I had a 40-something co-worker who ate fast food 3 meals a day. The only vegetables she ate were potatoes and corn. She was 200 lbs. overweight and always maxed her sick time and then had to find other, sneaky ways to stay home from work.

I quit and went to another job and saw her after a long period of time, and she was much thinner and healthier. I asked what happened and she said, “I suddenly lost my interest in food. It was like, I’ve been eating this slop for decades and it’s just not that interesting anymore.”

Even the hardcore junk foodies who make all the cracks about what you brought to work? There are days when the beautiful reds, yellows, and greens of your food look kind of magical to them, and they’ll feel tempted.

You just laugh with them when they make their jokes. Then keep eating it. Then show up for your friends when they’re ready.