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I have 3 questions for you!

Thanks for all the interest in the Meal Planner–we got a couple hundred requests that day to be testers/reviewers, so I’m sorry if you were one of the later ones and didn’t hear back from Jenni or Jackie. To answer a common question, when we release the 8-week menu plan and shopping lists, YES, it will be available for purchase separately for those who already have 12 Steps. This menu planner is being developed, along with about 9 other new offerings, to be in a PREMIUM 12 Steps kit.

If you would be so kind, I have 3 questions, towards developing meal planners:

1. How many breakfasts do you eat? Do you rotate among three? Do you eat the same breakfast every day? I don’t want to do a menu planner with a HUGE variety if people don’t want that. (You know me, I’m all about Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie almost every day!) On the other hand, if I leave it at 3 breakfasts, and those aren’t breakfasts most people want….you see my dilemma.

2. What area of your diet are you most frustrated with lack of variety? (Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner main dishes? Salads? Green smoothies?)

3. When do you drink your green smoothie? Breakfast? Lunch? Some other time?